Using a dog pool ramp is a great way to safeguard not only your pool liner but also your dog.

Having a backyard pool, and also a pooch that loves to join in on lazy summertime backyard swims, then you also know what it can be like trying to get your beloved pet to get out. 

It can be very hard on the vinyl liner if your pet does his usual scrambling getting out of the water.  Having a gradual shallow end with built in angled stairs then your pet can scamper out that way safely, but you may have one that only uses a vertical man ladder to get out, then trying to push your pooch up the ladder can be difficult.

Rather than ban your pooch from your backyard fun in the summer, you can now get these dog ramps that are made of UV resistant materials, and are white, which dogs see easily.  They attach to the side securely, and your pooch can be trained to use this ramp as his very own personalized escape route from the water.

Many times dogs jump in the water no problem and have lots of fun with the whole family but they do tire out quickly, and will migrate to the edge, looking for an easy waDog Pool Rampy out.  If you are there watching your dog, you will clue into this, and help him out of the water.

But if your pet is a large one, or simply find it hard to be watching for your dog exiting as well as watching your kids, then installing one of these ramps will give your pet the independence it needs to escape from the water. 

Gamma Skamper Ramp Regular Pool Ramp for Pets

Some dogs will just rest on the ramp and then go back in the water.  The ramp moves with them, and the surface lets them take hold and scramble from the water and onto the deck or concrete walkway surrounding the pool.

These can be left outside in all kinds of weather, and can be a great help in the winter if yours is half drained and the pooch ends up in it or on the cover.  These ramps can help them to get out.

Having older ones that loves to swim can be a challenge too, but they can have a hard time getting out, you can simply train him or her to use this really cool ramp.  Show them the ramp while splashing around, and then offer a few treats as they get used to this ramp.

Before you know it, even the older ones can learn the new trick of using this ramp to get out of the pool. 

These ramps can be purchased at many backyard pool supply stores, and some larger pet supply stores, but they can also be purchased online at such sites as Amazon. 

Do your dog a favour, and let him enjoy the backyard fun, by installing one of these ramps, and save your back and your liner trying to get him out.

these will help save your liner