If you have cats and dogs, then you know how important a dog proof cat feeder could be!

Two Popular Cat Feeding Stations

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I personally have gone through bags of kitty food, simply because I couldn’t keep my dogs away from it.  Kitty food is not good for dogs, as it is richer and can cause stomach distress, but they are attracted to it anyways, and continue to swipe the food when you are not looking.

So, unless you intend on standing watch over your cats every time they want to eat, then getting a dog proof cat feeder is one great way to deal with this problem.


Door Latch to Let Cats in and Dogs Out!

You can place this anywhere in any room, and it looks like a piece of wooden furniture.  You may think it looks cage like but cats actually quite like this enclosed area that is just for them.

You can get these feeders at some larger pet supply stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  

You can now know exactly how much your pet is eating, and gauge accordingly and also save huge money on food!  I have seen my dog eat an entire day’s worth of dry cat food in one single swipe!  Something to consider.

Save on the Cost of Kitty Food

Obviously this has been a long time problem for many pet owners.  I too have had to come up with all kinds of crazy ideas to keep my dogs out of their food.  The problem is a dog will eat their dinner in one sitting and that is it for the day, whereas cats love to graze and take their time over the course of the day.

There are some simple ways you can rig up in the meantime, such as a closet door or other small room with a chain on it to stop the door from opening more than the width of the kitty!  This works well but you need to unchain the door to use the room, so works best with a room or closet that you don’t need to use all the time other than to replenish food or clean out litter boxes etc.

Keeping the food at counter height is another way.  I personally was never a fan of having my pets on the kitchen counter, so did give them access to the laundry room and placed the food bowls on top of the dryer. 

This idea works great if your kitty is young and agile enough to jump up.  The only problem with that idea is that as the animal ages, it will tend to just simply stay up there and eat and sleep!  Now you can’t really use the dryer surface for folding your clothes, so just what other options are there for a dog proof feeder or feeding station?

You can now get these well-made wooden feeding stations, as pictured,  that are cute enough to have in any room, but have a secret entrance just for your kitty.  The top can open so that you can replenish the food bowls, but the way it works is to keep the dogs out.  They can’t get through the small opening, and the frame is tough enough to stop the biggest of dogs.

Most dogs will not be bothered anyways, because they prefer easy access to the unguarded  food.  This way your cat not only has a place to eat and take its time over the day, but it can be a great refuge as well.