Pets are a big part of our families, and using dog ramps for SUVs, vans or trucks is a great way to help your older dog into the vehicle without hurting your back or theirs.

Whether you are taking your dog on vacation, shopping or simply out for a joy ride, it can be hard to get them to jump into the SUV or higher van or car or even the back of a pickup truck without having to help them up, especially if they are older.

It seemed easy when they were younger, they took a running jump and would be on the seat or back of the truck before you could even get around to the driver’s side! 

But as they got older, it started to get harder, and now it seems easier to just leave them at home.  But pets, especially dogs love to be included in all activities, including the family drive.

If you own a SUV, then it is much higher off the ground, and may take a couple of family members to lift your dog into the car.  This can be difficult if you are on your own.

Dog Ramps for SUV

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp for cats and dogs up to 200-pounds, Grey

Using a ramp for the SUV, is a great alternative.  These ramps are created from sturdy materials that can support a dog up to 200 pounds.  They can walk up these ramps easily and with a bit of training will look forward to using it, as it means going out for a drive.

These work for SUVs, fold up to the size of a brief case, making it easy to take with you on that vacation or trip, especially if you are alone with your dog.  They can easily get in and out of the vehicle.

Once unfolded and locked into place your dog can be trained by using a leash.  The angle is not severe, so they should not feel threatened by this ramp.  Some dogs understand it right away, and walk right up and into the vehicle, others may need a bit of coaxing with some treats, but this way, they can quickly get into the SUV or car or truck and head out with the family or just you.

As our pets age, it can get a little harder to include them in our daily activities, but in fact, this is what dogs need the most, to be included in their senior years.  Consider one for vehicles as a pet aid that not only helps your pet into the car, or SUV or Van, but also helps your back as you may have been straining to help lift them into the vehicle before.

You can get these easy to use ramps for the SUV from many pet supply stores.  The larger chains will carry lots of pet aids for senior pets to make life easier for them and you.  But you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.

These dog ramps are an affordable way to be able to enjoy your time with your pet as you run your errands or head out on the highway.  After you use it, simply fold it up and put it away under the seat.

Petgear Travel-Lite Tri-Fold Pet Ramp 200 lb.
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