Pet Screen Doors

Dog screen doors are a great way to give your dog the independence of being able to go inside or outside when you have the big doors open.

Once that nice weather shows up, it can be nice to throw open that patio door and leave the screen closed to let in the warm breezes and fresh air in without the bugs.  But if you have dog or a cat that wants to be able to come and go, then getting dog screen doors is a great way to go.

You can get them in different sizes and they are lockable as well.  But if you have a large dog, then this particular one would work well.  It actually fits into your present screen door and is easy to install.

Dogs love to be where you are, and if that is on the back deck or in the yard, then he is going to whine at the screen door or better yet, head butt the screen door (this is what my dog used to do!)  Some dogs don’t see the screen door as well as others, but by adding his own pet screen door, he will see the frame and just head in and out as he pleases.  No more having to jump up from your seat to let him in our back out again.

If you have other pet doors in your home, such as a permanent installation in a solid door, then your pet or dog is already used to using one of these.  If this is the first time your dog has tried to use a pet door, then he might need a bit of training.  These doors close right behind them so that there is no chance of it being left open to let in bugs. Pet Door Screen Large (Black) (16"H x 12"W opening)

Start by showing him the dog screen door and flapping it open yourseldog screen doorsf, and then place a little treat on the other side of the door.  Once your dog gets used to the idea of going in and out this way, instead of waiting for you to open the door on his command, he will probably use it a lot at first as it will be a novelty.

These dog screen doors come in kits and have great instructions on how to install them.  You can do this with just a few tools.  It is nice for your dog to have his own door out into the yard or back deck when you have the big door open and want to just leave the screen closed to stop bugs from getting in.  This can also work well for cats that are indoor and outdoor cats.  This way they don’t pick at the screen to get in or out.  Just show them the door, and save your screen!

At the end of the day you can lock this door if you don’t want him to use it.  My dog used to head butt the screen and would end up ripping it, I wish I had installed one of these back then.  So, as the nicer weather shows up, and you start to open doors and windows, and extend your rooms to the outdoors, give your dog his own screen door to go in and out with and let him join you.

You can get these dog screen doors at most large pet supply stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon for a good deal.  They are affordable and easy to install.  So, save yourself the bother of having to open and close the screen door for you dog and get him his own dog screen door.  Also see Security Screen Doors for your home.