Have you ever needed a dog tracker? Well I don't know about you, but here lately, I have seriously considered purchasing a pet locator device. Out of the five dogs that we own, there is one that has a mind of his own. He is nine years old and you would think that he would have settled down by now. Sometimes, I think that he is just getting started. His name is Sparky, he is the leader of the pack, and he is the instigator. He is the only dog that will not stay in the yard. Unfortunately, we spent the whole day after Christmas trying to track him down because he was gone for 10 hours. We dredged through the freezing snow for hours with no luck. He finally came home, but it was scary waiting to see if he was really gone for good this time.

Now, I am not an irresponsible pet owner. In the past all of the dogs have worn an electronic collar, and those things are not cheap. They are very effective for keeping your dog in the yard. After they wore them for awhile, you could take the collar off of them, and they would not leave the yard. Not Sparky, he knew the minute the collar came off and the first chance he got, he was gone. Finally, he broke a vital piece off of the collar and rendered it useless. Now, I could replace this device, but after careful consideration I don't think that this would be the best choice. One, he could easily break the next collar attachment off again. Furthermore, the shocking device is powered by batteries, and when they die he knows it before I do. You got to love him.

Then, I considered an implantable microchip. This is not a bad idea, however, it would not accomplish what I immediately need. If my dog gets lost and ends up at the pound, then they can scan Sparky and return him to me. Right now, I just want to be able to locate him and bring his butt home. So, after careful consideration of the cost of this endeavor, I think that I will forgo that thought for awhile.

Zoombak ZMBK100 Advanced GPS Dog Locator

The only other dog tracker device that I know of is a GPS pet locator. I did some research and discovered that the Zoombak appeared to be my best choice. I can purchase it and pay, and never have to worry about locating Sparky again. I like how you can log on to their service and find your pet in real time. This device will also allow you to set up 10 safety zones or boundaries, and when the pet goes outside of these zones you will be alerted by e-mail or text message. You can even set up safety zone schedules, and you can also look back at the history of where they have been. This comes in really handy when a neighbor tries to accuse your pet of getting into your trash or soiling their lawn when you know that isn't part of their character. This will also allow you to find out if it is part of their character. By having a dog tracker available at the touch of a button, I think that this pet locator device should serve me well.