A Bicycle Pet Carrier You Tow Behind

If you have a larger dog, and can't use a bicycle pet carrier that fits on the front, then why not consider a dog trailer for bicycles?

 With so many of us trying to get fit and save the environment by not using our cars as much, it can be nice to get the whole family out for a bicycle ride. Whether you live in the countryside or in a town with parks for kids and dogs, there are ways to get the whole family involved.

If you have a older dog for example, who can't run beside your bike like he used to, or a injured dog, or a lazy dog that prefers car rides, then you can take him with you by getting a pet trailer. Instead of a bicycle pet carrier which usually fits on the front of your bike for smaller dogs, you would attach a small yet sturdy dog trailer to the back of your bike.

These are similar to the bicycle trailers for kids, but these are a bit smaller and are designed for the comforts of a larger dog. They usually have a soft pad for them to sit on, and they can be secured, and a place for them to hang out their head, which they love doing.

There are also many pockets for valuables, treats, water and water dish, that you can take with you. If your dog loves the dog park, but it is too far to walk to, but is easy to get to by biking, then this would be a great way to get exercise for yourself and your dog, and leave the car at home. He gets to use up his energy when he gets to the dog park.

You can then give him lots of water and treats, and then safely secure him in the bicycle dog trailer and take him home. It has vinyl zipped covers for if you run into weather, but most dogs love to hang their heads out and enjoy the ride and fresh air. It is totally washable too.

If it has been a long time since you got your bike out, then maybe this iDog Trailer for Bicycless the year to do it. You can dust it off, get it tuned up, and then check out the local stores or online and see all the great accessories you can now get for your bike. Solvit 62303 Track?r Bicycle Pet Trailer, Medium

There are more ways to carry things, better lights, signals, mirrors, bicycle pet carriers for the front and lots more for your bike. It wouldn't hurt to check out the latest in accessories and bikes, if you think maybe this is the year to treat yourself to a new one.

Get the whole family out on bikes and head to the local bike trails (quite often old railway lines that have been taken up are made into bike trails) or the local parks, anywhere off the main roads, and this time you don't have to leave your dog pining for you at the window as you ride off.

If your dog is young and energetic he could start off by running beside you on a leash, but if you are not comfortable riding and holding onto your dog and his leash, then consider a dog trailer for bicycles,  and take him with you on your fun times biking with the family.  Also see small dog helmet, to keep your tiny dog safe.