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Dog Trainer Salary

Interested In A Career Working With Dogs?

Training dogs as a career might be a fulfilling and rewarding job for some, and it is not always about the money you’re going to get out of your dog trainer salary. It is about the passion you have for them, and passing your knowledge to other dog owners to help them take care of their pets. But it’s not just about teaching an animal how to sit or fetch something. It involves knowing animal behaviour and applying useful teaching techniques. It requires you to have patience, be consistent and have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills to effectively teach well.  

As a dog trainer, you are not only responsible for the dog your training, but also to their owners. You need to make sure that proper reinforcements are followed by the owners at home. A great trainer will require the owners to get involved, and practice in between the training classes.  

Most dog trainers work as self-employed individuals, although some work as a head trainer, and manage other trainers. Some also work in vet clinics, boarding kennels, or animal shelters. Salary varies from one trainer  to another, depending on the level of experience they have, area of specialization, certifications, and location. If you are looking into this field as a career you may be paid as much as $50,000 a year in Los Angeles, while  in Phoenix you may be paid as little as $25,000. It also varies on the type of lessons being offered, whether it is a private or group lessons, since private lessons tend to have a higher rate per hour.

According to, the median salary a year is around $44,000, while says it’s around $38,000 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentioned that paying for animal care and service costs $9.51 per hour, which is about $19,780 a year. Although this data is not clear as it is statistics for the whole animal care sector nothing specific. 

The demand for dog trainers is increasing continuously each year, so if you love dogs and teaching them is your passion, get in contact with APDT to get certified, and learn more about this ever growing career.


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