While there are many different types of dog training equipment available, the most important is a treat the dog enjoys! A reward for the dog's desired behavior is extremely important and must be combined with any other types of training.

Other pieces of dog training equipment include a clicker, head collar, and citronella collar. For some dogs and situations, an electric collar may be beneficial. Most dogs are very food motivated, so an edible treat makes the perfect reward. Use small treats since you will likely be giving lots of them to encourage the behavior that you want.

If your dog is on a special diet, you can try using some of his regular food as a treat. If your dog happens to be one of the few not very interested in food, try doing training sessions when it is getting close to meal time and he is hungry. If he is still not interested in food, try substituting your affection as a reward. A clicker is a small, simple, and inexpensive device that makes a distinctive "click" noise when pressed. You teach your dog to associate the "click" with the treat that he receives for positive behavior by clicking and then immediately giving the treat. Then when the dog performs a behavior you want to reward you can instantly click to mark the behavior and follow with a treat. The click is more precise and consistent and helps your dog identify what behavior you want from him so that he can be trained more quickly.

A head collar, like a Gentle Leader, is used in place of a regular collar that goes around the neck. A head collar can be invaluable for dogs that like to pull on a leash. The Gentle Leader comes with instructions for wearing and training. Fitting the head collar properly is imperative. Therefore, you may wish to enlist the help of your local veterinary office to ensure a proper fit. Citronella collars are used most often for dogs that bark excessively. Since dogs often bark excessively when their owners are not at home to correct the behavior, a citronella collar can be very helpful. The collar picks up the sound of the dog barking and then releases a spray of citronella scent. The unusual scent disrupts the dog's behavior and stops the barking. Citronella collars can also be used with underground fences.

Electric collars can be a controversial piece of training equipment. There are strong feelings both for and against electric collars. Of course, they need to be used properly like any other piece of equipment so make sure to read instructions thoroughly. The most common use for electric collars is for an underground fence used to keep a dog in a yard. Be sure to follow the instructions and teach your dog where the underground fence boundaries are at when it is installed. You should consult with a dog trainer before using an electric collar for other training purposes than a fence. Using electric collars as punishment can worsen behavior problems in some dogs.

Depending on what type of training needs to be accomplished with the dog, one or more of these pieces of equipment will be necessary. Treats and a clicker are inexpensive starting equipment that all dogs can benefit from. Further dog training equipment , like the specialized collars, may be added based on the owner's individual training goals.