Today I want to recount some of my recent searching for Dog training jobs and help give you a better understanding of both what is available and where to find some Dog training jobs or related work. Firstyou should understand that unless you have Dog training certification it will be more difficult to get well paid work. This is not to say that you won't be able to get paid for training Dogs but some places will want certified Dog trainers only.

As part of my research for my Dog blog I looked in to how to find Dog training jobs online. What I found was quite surprising. There are actually a few very good resources available. One of the best is actually myspace. There, under the jobs section there are a surprising number of listings.

You simply need to type in Dog training jobs and you will get a large number of results. You can narrow down searches by area to get more specific matches to your area. There arealso a large number of job search engines. Simply go to a few and type in Dog training and you can browse through a number of listings.

One other great opportunity at the moment is with petco. If you go to their site you can apply to work for them as a Dog trainer or walker and they do in house training so you don't need to be a certified Dog trainer or have Dog training certification. It is a good opportunity for those looking for a way in to the world of professional Dog training.

There are other ways of getting a foot in the door of the Dog training world if you are a beginner. One of the best ways is to begin a Dog walking service. It is very easy to set up with some basic advertising in your home town. This will get you known in the area and can be quite lucrative in its own right. You can then gain lots of experience training the Dogs in your care and it can lead, via word of mouth, so some good Dog training jobs.

You can also pet sit for people. Many people will employ someone to keep their Dog company for a few hours a day and this can often lead to good work training their Dogs or they willrecommend you to friends and family.

If you want Dog training jobs then don't forget to think a little outside the box to get your name known.