Lets face it, getting rid of your dog's waste is not a pleasant job. You can outsource this job, (there are always some starving students around to do this for a fee) or you can try and deal with it yourself in an environmentally friendly manner using a dog waste disposal method.

To begin with, you need to organize your yard, so that you are not on a search and destroy mission looking for his "prizes". The best way to do this, is to designate an area for your dog to do his business. If you are going to be doing any poop scooping, you don't want to be hauling buckets and shovel all over your prized roses and all the way to the other end of the yard right?


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If you live on a large property, you can fence an area for your dog to play and do their business instead of fencing the whole yard. This way you don't just let them out the door to frolic in your vegetable garden and do their business in your roses.

If you live in a smaller yard, perhaps you could build a doggy run, around the outside of the yard with a fence. They are likely to pick one spot to do their business this way.

No matter how well trained your dog is, if you just let them out the back door, they are not always going to go in the best spot. Most likely they will smell something, and feel this need to mark it, and you may spend days trying to find it all before that family backyard picnic you have been planning!. That is when your niece will step in something and you will feel mortified.

By creating their own space, you will also control digging, and safety of your gardens and roses and your dogs! That being said, now you will have an area that will be full of their waste that you will need to pooper scoop..

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So, here is a great way to deal with this dog poop problem. A great dog waste disposal idea. A dog waste digester. This is like a septic system for dogs. Instead of bagging it up and putting it in the garbage to be dealt with at the local dump. You will be keeping that out of the dump and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way.

You know at the dump that will not happen, it will remain in the plastic bag you picked it up in to be dug up hundreds of years from now by people wondering what the purpose of this ritual was!

You can purchase waste digesters at pet supply places, along with the digesting enzymes. Or you can make your own.

Basically you need to put it in a spot that is accessible to you, and is not near a well, wiring, pipes, or your septic. You can bury a steel drum with a PVC pipe about four inches in diameter set in the top.

You need to bury your container below frost line, so that you can use this all year round. Make sure the pipe that is left sticking out of the ground can be capped and marked so no one will trip over it. This could be right in the dog area, near all their poops, this way you don't have to walk to far or collect it in anything. Just walk over and plop it down the pipe.

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There are many ways to do this, and you may want to look at the ones the pet supply stores offer to get some ideas. Some are plastic and some are steel. You also need to add some waste digester when you add your dog waste and a bit of water. The enzymes in the digester break down the solids, and make them safe to leave the tank. The enzyme digester is similar to ones that are put in human septic tanks, but it is best to get the ones that are recommended for dog waste disposal.

You may find that this is such a neat idea, that your kids may actually be willing to go out and do some poop scooping, just so they can put it down this pipe. You get into the routine, if you do it daily or at least every other day or so. Try not to be adding a months worth at one time. These digesters work best with a few days worth at a time.

Keep the digester material and some water handy, and then you are not looking all over the place for everything. Just pick up the poop with a shovel or whatever your favorite scoop is, and put into the pipe sticking out of the ground, then add some digester and some water, then put the lid back on and you are done!