The collar and its packaging


Good Value


Looks cute on your pet when lit up

Easy to use

Long lasting batteries

Adjustable for your dog's comfort


I cannot think of any unless your pet will not wear it. However, I doubt this as it is so easy to put on your pet.

Full Review

I bought this product sometime ago after coming across it by accident.

As I was walking my dogs in the early evening, I saw a strange apparition heading toward me. From way across the local field something was heading straight for me and it was moving fast, if not a little haphazardly. The twinkling lights flashed away and I was totally puzzled until all at once a huge, but friendly, labrador appeared out of the darkness. The owner followed a short time later.

It soon became obvious that the lights were coming from this dog's collar and I was both fascinated and amused. The dog just looked so funny and yet this collar made so much sense. Even if you keep your dog on its lead all of the time, a little extra light will help. Mine run about on extendable leads so these lights are useful. Of course they will also be beneficial for other pedestrians.

However, if you allow your dog to run free, perhaps on a field, these collarswill be very useful during the darker months. My dogs are allowed to run free, and off their leads, at certain places and these lights enable me to see just where they are, all the time. This is especially useful if your dog tends to ignore your calls and you have to go and seek it out.

Of course you should always be sensible about when and where you let your dog roam and about your own safety. Perhaps taking a walk in a secluded area is not really adviseable. In winter time I tend to take my dogs to different walking areas and keep them on their leads more.

However, just when you are doing a simple task, such as crossing a road with your dog, the K9 Lites collar will help your dog to be seen, as much as you. If your dog is jet black or very dark brown, for example, he or she may be hard to spot.

The collar is a plastic covered, luminous yellow material, which fastens around your dog's neck, with a velcro fastening. This means that the collar is easy to adjust to size. At one end of the collar there is a little silver coloured button which you press to activate the lights. The lights are small but spaced out evenly around the collar. The battery will need to be changed eventually but mine has not yet.

There are a couple of different sized collars on sale and they are suitable for little Fifi as well as Rover. I bought mine from a local pet shop for a couple of pounds. Perhaps such a collar would be useful for your cat?

In Closing

K9 Lites collar is recommended as a good practical and safety conscious gift or simply as a good accessory for your pet.

Remember though it does not give you a licence to be silly about when and where you walk your dog.