When you're walking your dog at night, you should consider purchasing a dog leash with light for night walking. A dog leash with light will help keep yourself and your dog safe at night. You can shop for a good dog leash with light online for a good price. Product brands will feature a dog leash with a flashlight added to the plastic holder. Your dog can be a good 12 to 20 feet away from you at night if you have a retractable leash, making it hard to see them. You can find retractable dog leashes for sale online that comes with a light at numerous different stores online. You can also purchase standardized four feat dog leashes with light, that glow in the dark. There are variety of different kinds of dog leashes. Popular dog leashes are made from different materials and for different dogs. The most popular dog leashes are made from nylon.

A dog leash for light with nylon works by using bright colors like pink, blue, or green that glows in the dark at night. Metal leashes are the worse, since they are impossible to see at night. Not only are they not visible, they're sometimes rough for smaller dogs to pull against. A metal dog leash doesn't feature natural light for night walking. Even for bigger dogs, you can still purchase retractable dog leashes, making it easier and safe to walk your dog at night. It's really important to have a retractable dog leash with light for night walking.

Retractable dog leashes with light

Flexi Light Leash flashlight - Flexi is one of the popular retractable dog leashes on the market. A good quality retractable dog leash with light, that makes your dog visible to you at night time. Features a wide beam flashlight on the plastic handle, making it easy to navigate while walking your dog. Comes with ultra-bright 6 led bulbs, velcro attachment to fit on the leash, and two batteries included with the product. You can find these retractable dog leashes for sale online at petco, amazon, National Pet Pharmacy, and Pets Warehouse. They're pretty cheap dog leashes, and can go on sale for under $10 at these places. Free shipping might be included at some of these online stores.

Kito Retractable Dog Leash with Light - A flashlight is placed on the head of the plastic retractable leash holder. The flashlight makes it easy to keep the light on your dog, while taking him out for a walk late at night. The Kito Retractable dog leash with light can come in different colors, red, black, or blue. The leash will extend to 9 feet, then locks when pushing down on a button. Requires 2 AAA. A good retractable dog leash with light that can be purchased online at sites X-tremegeek, and Amazon. Prices go for $14.95.

Dog Retractable leash/flashlight combo - The leash is made to keep you and your dog safe at night when walking. The flashlight is built to keep you, and your dog visible to traffic at late hours of the night. The leash is made with nylon, and features a plastic handle that comes in colors back, or blue. You can find this retractable dog leash with light online at places like target and meijer.com. Prices will keep you under $15.00.

Other places to buy a dog leash with light: If you don't like what you find, then shop online at amazon, ebay, dog.com, PETCO, or ThePamperedPetMart.com for the best type of dog leash with light for walking that you need.

A standard 4 foot Nylon dog leash for night walking

A nylon dog leash can keep your dog at least visible at night. A light isn't needed, since your dog maintains a visible distance for you when walking at night. However, you want a good nylon dog leash that glows in the dark, and makes your dog and yourself visible to traffic at night when crossing the street. Nylon dog leashes aren't very expensive and lightweight leashes for your dog. Shop online at ebay, amazon, eCRATER for glow in the dark standard nylon dog leashes.