Little dogs need help and love Dog Stairs


Dog stairs for bed are the ideal ‘must have’ for elderly smaller dogs. Many dogs want to join their owners either in bed or on the sofa but can’t get up easily. With dog stairs they can easily get up and join their owners in comfort. They are especially useful when their owner’s have difficulty bending down so that their dog can join them.

Not just dogs get to enjoy special treatment, elderly cats can enjoy ‘loft living’ by joining their owners easily on the bed.

Perhaps more importantly, dog stairs are essential for when they want to get back off again. Dogs can damage their backs or legs when jumping down too far, and ensuring these steps are kept either next to your bed or near the sofa will ensure they get down safely. When dogs have been injured or are being treated for other conditions, these stairs will again help to make sure they look after themselves when getting up or down from bed. 


Different dog stairs for bed

Most retailers offer a full range of different sizes so that your dog can easily reach where you sit, or lie down in bed. These dog stairs vary in weight so it’s important to ask how heavy they are when ordering. They come in a range of colours and finishes to fit in with your decor and some retailers even offer a custom build service where you can choose the weight, finish and number of steps.


Dog ramps

Dog ramps are also available for dogs not so keen on steps. These are again available in a complete range of sizes and finishes. Some of these pet ramps are also made in heavy duty foam so making them very easy to carry from the bedroom to the living room during the day. Ramps are perhaps better for pets who should not do steps at all maybe due to an operation or injury.

Machine washable

Some of the dog ramps are fitted with a machine washable fabric that can easily be washed in the washing machine. It’s best to check with the manufacturer if this is going to be particularily important to you - most of the dog stairs can’t be cleaned except sponged if there are any marks.

Prices of dog stairs for bed

Prices of the dog stairs and dog ramps vary a great deal. They can be found costing less than $25 but may run up into many hundreds of dollars depending on what you require. It’s best to browse through the internet and compare prices. When you have found the size and type you like, then ask about other details that might be important to you.

Overall, dog stairs can offer a lot more freedom to an elderly cat or dog and may help you from straining your back by bending down.



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