Okay, so dog poo is not a great topic for an article. But, being a pet owner I have to say dog waste disposal is something of a reality for me and the millions of other dog owners out there. Anyone living anywhere other than the side of a mountain simply has to do something with all the dog poop their pooches collect. The most simple way to clear up after your hounds is with the Doggie Dooley septic system.

While the name may sound cute, this is one serious piece of kit. Basically a mini septic system just for pet waste. This is not some cutesy gimmick, but a real answer to the problem of the colossal volume of poop our pooches seem to create.

What is a Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Kit?

Put simply, the Doggie Dooley is a small galvanised tank. They come in a variety of styles and sizes but all follow the same basic principle. You install the system, then add to it all the solid dog poos your pets create. Every now and then add some of the Doggie Dooley Digester (which comes with the kit) and a little water.

Natural bacteria convert the dog waste into liquid compost which simply drains away into the surrounding soil. There are no smells and best of all, no more need for dog poo bags which any pet owner will tell you are simply a disaster waiting to happen.

How to Set Up and Use a Doggie Dooley

This is ridiculously simple. You simply dig a hole and drop the unit into the ground so the cover is just above soil level. Don't worry, there shouldn't be too much digging involved as most units are only a little over a foot in diameter and around 15" deep.

Use the foot peddle to open the lid, drop in your dog waste for disposal and forget about it. Add a little water each week or so and the Doggie Dooley digester powder (or garden soil) as recommended and you're all done.

Basically you get a dog poo toilet hiding in the backyard. Simple to use and no maintenance involved. Now if only we could teach our dogs to deposit their waste themselves we'd be redundant. Sadly you will still need to be in charge of pooper scooping. But at least the plastic bags are gone.

Cheap Dog Waste Disposal

The Doggie Dooley dog poo septic system is environmentally friendly. All you're using are natural soil borne bacteria to dispose of your dogs waste. The liquid is perfectly safe and will only do good, as it leaches nutrients into the surrounding soil. Of course if you want to save all the nutrients in your dog's waste you could try a Dog Poo Composter instead.

So, forget that the Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Kit is a daft name, it is a useful, Eco friendly product and best of all it's cheap at only around $40!