How Awesome Are Doggles?

A Doggles Review

Protective Eyewear for Dogs! Are you kidding me?

I know, I know, you probably think I am out of my mind when I say that Doggles are great for your doggies eyes. It's true! There is now a pair of goggles made just for your best friend! Actually, Doggles ILS is the only protective eyewear goggles available for dogs!

The claim is that long periods of time in the sun does damage to your eyes. ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute says that you need at least 50% protection from UV rays in a pair of goggles. While this is true for humans, does it really apply to animals as well?

Why not! Let's face it, if your buddy is outside for a long time, how do we know that he's not squinting like we do in the hot sun? Besides, how cool will he look with a pair of fitted goggles?

Another plus for fitted Doggles is the wind factor. Let's say you ride a motorcycle and you have a sidecar. Your best friend likes to go along with you, so just think of how a pair of these will keep the debris and wind out of their eyes.  Even if you don't have a motorcycle and you let your pooch stick his nose out the window. Imagine pulling up to another car at a stop light and seeing the look on the faces in the other vehicle!

For a few extra dollars, you and your pooch could have a lot of fun and get great eye protection with a pair of Doggles!


Are Doggles For Real?

This biker pup loves his!

Will Your Dog Keep them On?

Getting the perfect Fit for your Doggie

Most dogs will get used to the doggles after some period of adjustment. Like anything else, your dog will  need to be trained to wear them.  There's not much to it as long as you follow the rules of doggle wearing.

  1. If you put the doggles on your pet while inside, you will scare him or her. Just remember what it does to your eyes when you are in a building and you have your dark shades on. If you do this to a dog, it will most likely put some fear of the glasses in him and you will have a harder time getting the doggie used to  wearing them.
  2. When you first put them on, make sure you are in the sunlight, and let him get used to the feel of them. Walk him around but don't let him paw at the glasses. He will try but just let him know it's okay and keep telling him how fabulous he looks wearing doggles!
  3. Think of this as a routine. Take him or her (I'm using him so I don't have to write him or her each time but you get the drift) out and keep putting them on, adjusting to fit and let him look at the sun to see that he can wear them and it will shade the eyes. Depending on how quickly your dog picks up, the doggles will become easier and easier to put on.

That's it! After awhile, the doggles will be part of your best friends routine. Don't worry, the straps won't hurt because they are made from plush elastic and are adjusted for comfort.

Doggles = goggles and doggies. I think my Shepherd will have to have some!

Taking Care of Your Pet

How do you like the idea of doggles for your pooch? I know it sounds a bit crazy, but hey, we all love our best friends and when something new comes up, dog lovers are the first to try them out!

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility and even though we may joke and kid about the doggles and wearing pretty little outfits on some animals, loving them and giving them a place to keep warm and dry and food in the belly is all a pet asks for. It's up to us to make sure they are fed them nutritional food that helps them get to old age, exersize them so their bones can stay healthy and make sure we use proper tick and flea control.

Be good to your pet and your pet will be good to you! Doggles for doggies, yes!


A German Shepherd Wearing Doggles

He looks just like my pup!

A Quick Look at Putting Doggles on!