When my family took on two sibling puppies at the same time, they ruled the house.  No matter how organized I tried to be, their puppy antics, although funny and cute did grow tiresome!  We didn’t have one of these and I really wished I had invested in one as my puppies got into everything.  We are looking at getting a new puppy and this first play pen with a lid is on my list of things I need!

We had tried to wall off a bit of a room for them when they had quiet time or I needed quiet time, but they figured out how to jump over the barricade.  What I really like about this first doggy play pen is that it has a mesh lid.  So there will be no jumping out of the enclosure.  

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Pet 45" Play Pen

What I really like about this one is that there is no escape!  There is a floor and roof, and it can fold to be taken anywhere, either from room to room or for travel.  Puppies get excited and they can get into everything, but they also like to be in the same room as you.  This is why separating them off down the hallway or in another room can cause anxiety. 

By using a playpen for dogs or even cats, they can be in the same room as you with their toys but in their quiet spot.  My little puppies were jumpers; I really could have used one of these!

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Time Out

As puppies, they want to be near you, and although you want to teach them to be independent, they are a part of the family.  But puppies or young dogs can be a handful especially when you are trying to do something else and they are getting underfoot or putting themselves in danger, or you simply want a break.  If you start them right away in one of these play pens, they will get used to it and if you put a favourite toy inside they will understand it is quiet time now.

If you move to another room for a longer period of time, you can simply grab this as it is lightweight and folds and take it to another room.

Can Use it Outside

This is very important as puppies just like toddlers can be gone in a second and that could be into the road.  This pen can be used outside and comes with four stakes to secure it to the ground; it also has a spot to hang a water bottle and lots of pockets on the outside for treats.

Iris Doggy Play PenCredit: amazon.com
IRIS 34'' Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, White
Amazon Price: $129.99 $42.39 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 19, 2016)

IRIS Plastic Play Pen 34" Tall

If you are not bothered about a lid, or them jumping over the top and you have the space for something a little bigger, this plastic pen can be used indoors or out.

If you dog is smaller and there is no fear of him jumping out, this will give him a bit more moving around area.  There are 8 panels and they are lightweight and easy to use with a lot of positive reviews.

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MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen
Amazon Price: $109.99 $52.82 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 19, 2016)

Midwest Exercise Pen 48" Tall

This one can be purchased with 48 inch tall walls.  It is metal and is also quick to put up and would be perfect for outdoor use.  Contain your pooch to keep him safe and you a break while working in the garden or enjoying a break on the patio or even for a swim.  Unless you have a totally fenced off yard that is puppy proof, containing them in a smaller area means you can keep a better eye on them.

Training Your Puppy to Use a Doggy Play Pen

If you want to use a model for indoors, set it up right away.  Keep it near for them to explore.  Put a few toys and maybe a treat or 2 inside.  Leave the doorway open so they can come and go to begin with and stay in the room with them.

Once they have got used to it, play with them to tire them out, then when they seem sleepy get them to go inside the play pen and let them snuggle in a blanky or with a favourite toy and you stay in the room but busy yourself with something else or relax on the couch with a book or watch TV.doggy play penCredit: pixabay.com

They will learn pretty fast that this is a safe spot and not a punishment.  We eventually crate trained our dogs for when we went out but I think a playpen in that first year would have worked well and would have saved us the damage and the fear we went through when they ate some house plants.

Many house plants are poisonous to dogs and cats, so if you’re pet is in that frisky puppy or kitty stage, watch them like a hawk while they roam, but then put them in a playpen or crate while they nap so you can get on with the things you need to do know they are safe.

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My puppies completely tore open an old VHS collection because we thought simply walling off a bit of the room would work!  They can get very creative when it comes to escape, and they squeezed through the space between the barricade and the wall while I was in another room doing laundry.  These pen sections fasten together to keep them inside.  Try a doggy play pen.  They are an affordable option for peace of mind.