There are some breeds of dogs who are very dangerous and others who are kid friendly.  Some types of dogs are labeled as dangerous just because if they are not trained correctly they can act poorly, show aggressive and be destructive to your property or other people.


rottweiler(134165)Credit: Morgue File

 Rottweilers can be dangerous if they are put in the wrong owner’s hands.  Rottweilers are labeled as dangerous dogs because they are very territorial.  They can get dangerous around other dogs and people if not trained properly.  On the other hand, Rottweilers are very easy to groom and they are very loyal to their family.  There are many things to consider before buying a Rottweiler.  There are even some insurance companies that will refuse to cover you under home owners insurance if you own a Rottweiler.


HuskyCredit: Morgue File

 Huskies can be great dogs.  They are known as sled dogs and do absolutely wonderful during the winter with their thick coat.  Huskies are extremely smart and have a lot of energy.  Unfortunately, huskies are labeled as dangerous because some of them can have attitudes where they can be prone to biting.


DalmatianCredit: Morgue File


These dogs are labeled as dangerous.  It is very strange to hear that these dogs can cause destructive behavior and aggressiveness.  Many parents bought Dalmatians for their kids after seeing the movie 101 Dalmatians.  Unfortunately, Dalmatians are not good with kids.  If you plan on living in a home without kids, a Dalmatian may be right for you as long as you have enough time to train and take them outside to exercise several times a day. 

Great Danes

Great DanesCredit: Morgue File

Usually great danes are pretty friendly, but if you come across the wrong one, things can turn ugly fast.  Some great danes can show aggression to strangers and even their owners if they are not trained properly.  Unfortunately, because of their size, great danes do not have a long life. 

Doberman Pinscher 

DobermanCredit: Morgue File

Doberman Pinschers make great guard dogs.  You can bet that they will bark if a stranger enters their family’s home.  They may be aggressive if someone that they do not know enters into the house without their family.  On the other hand, Pinschers that are trained properly can be very friendly to anyone who will show them respect.

Pit Bulls

Pit BullCredit: Morgue File

Pit bulls are labeled as one of the most dangerous dogs.  Unfortunately, they are incorrectly labeled.  Many pit bulls are actually very nice and gentle dogs.  They get their bad name because many pit bulls are used and trained for fighting.  Their jaws are very powerful, and can clamp down on any one of their victims.

If you have the time and patience, owning one of these dogs can be a pleasure.  A correctly trained dog can bring joy to your family and your home.  However, if they are not trained correctly, it could be dangerous if you are left with the wrong breed with the wrong attitude.  Owning any breed of dog takes a lot of time and it is important that you have the time before buying a dog.