A Rural Texas Dog


While it's plain that dogs have a very special place in humanity's walk through history and this, the most perfect of all possible worlds, this might be more true than it typically is here in rural Texas. You see, here in small town Texas, we completely disregard the county's rules concerning keeping dogs in pens, behind fences, on leashes, or chained. We also know that the dogs truly appreciate this. How else can a dog miles from town ever properly socialize with other dogs should he always be behind a fence, on a leash, or heaven forbid, on a chain? Dogs are social creatures, and were it not for this, we'd not love them so much, and they'd not love us at all. It just seems like common sense to me that should everyone have acres and acres of open territory all around them, as my neighbors do, then the laws or county regulations simply do not apply to us, and they certainly do not in terms of practice.

Few of us walk, though we've room a plenty for the walking, and if we do walk, we damn sure don't leash our dogs when we go walking. Our dogs our there in little house on the prairie land have a most refined sense of territory, and their territory is the greater here, but they don't mind if other dogs sometimes come for a visit, so long as they stay away from the house owning, and land owning dog in question's food bowl, and even that rule, far from golden, bends like an oak branch at times. Our dogs here more often wear a smile than do city dogs, and the reasons for this are legion, and obvious. Our dogs also have a refined sense of just who is a friend, a neighbor, and who is to be trusted; again, these are the keen senses of animals that were evolved and bred to be our friends.

I've seen goofy articles by well meaning green thumb sucking liberal sorts who presume to know what it is that YOUR dogs should eat. The articles of that nature are beneath the dignity of a fine, rural Texas dog, and our dogs appreciate our keen sense of knowing what sort of liberal article marketing to avoid like the plague. Try telling a rural Texas dog that a pork chop bone isn't proper food for him or her, righteous indignation, and possibly a nip at the ankle will be your just reward. Of this I speak from experience, and recommend against it. When I was a youngster I was often told to heed the misery of starving children in China, and to always finish my plate; and like any good, upstanding youth I prayed to god above to help those poor starving souls in China, and God laughed at me, and said that he would. My dog has never forgiven me for such shenanigans, as he knows full well that sometimes Koreans have less than dog approved appetites. Sometimes, however, and in the spirit of the lie concerning "poor China," a dish is kept overly long in the fridge, and low and behold, who is it that saves us from the sorrow of wasted food? The rural Texas Dog, of course, and he's all to happy to help us sleep at nights, and disposes of the dish that overlayed it's proper welcome.

Hats off to rural Texas dogs, everyone, and if you see one, give him my best, and a scruff behind the ears.



Rambo - My Rural Texas Chow Chow

The Chow Chow - The Most Loyal Dog Breed In Existence.