We did a turkey for Thanksgiving and we usually do another for Christmas. This year, I am going out on a limb and cookin' up some good ole barbecued ribs! I got this recipe from a motocross mom who knows how to cook. Shouting out a "THANKS" to Trevor's mom!

Things You Will Need

Cookie sheet, rack of ribs (4 of us can polish off 2 good size racks in no time), aluminum foil, salt, pepper, barbecued sauce of your choice, and tongs.

Step 1

RibsPreheat oven to 400 degrees. Rinse off your ribs. Salt and pepper. Wrap the ribs in the foil so it is nicely sealed up. Place the ribs on your cookie sheet and put in the oven for 2 hours. After an hour has gone by you can add some potatoes - just a suggestion. When done remove from oven. Be careful when opening! There will be a lot of steam and juice. Remove from foil and slather with your barbecued sauce (they will be falling off the bone) enjoy!
In Michigan it is usually very cold and snowy so firing up the oven for a couple of hours makes the home nice and cozy.

Tips & Warnings

TIP: I have cooked them in the morning then put them in the refrigerator. When you get home from work you just throw them on the grill and drench them with barbecue sauce! I like to doctor my sauce up by cooking it on the stove and adding some honey and brown sugar until nice and thick. Add some baked potatoes and a salad with a roll...wonderful! WARNING: They will disappear before your very eyes.