Disk Clean up is a windows utility that is included in all windows xp as well as windows 7 operating ssystems. This utility is used to free up space in your hard drive allowing your hard drive to work faster and smoother. The utility works like this, it will go once its started to look thourgh all the files in your hard drive. It usually does not take too long to do.

Disk Clean Up will search your hard drive for files that are no longer use or files that have not been used in a very long time.

This utility usually targets different areas that most of those unwanted files are sitting which results in you loosing space in your hard drive. The areas that Disk Cleanup checks are:

1. Compression of old files

2. Temporary Internet files (real space taker)

3.Temporary windows files

4. Downloaded program files

5. Recycle bin

6. etc. etc.

When you run Disk Cleanup it will begin to search your hard drive for unwanted files. While its looking for the unwanted files in your system a small window will show you the progress it is taking. After it has done its jobs another window will open with a list just like the one i just listed above. Except in this window you will see check marks next to each one. You can check and uncheck  anyone you want to. I personally leave them all checked so that i have even more space available to me on my hard drive. Also on Windows 7 there is a button in that small window called "System Files" this feature will make disk clean up dig even deeper into your machne and remove even more unwanted files. Click on "System Files" button before you click ok on the main window.

So here i will give you the steps to follow so you can use Disk Clean Up utility. Right now this is for a computer with Windows 7 OS installed:

1. Go to the windows icon on the bottom left hand corner and click it

2. A menu will come up and then go to "All Programs"

3. From the "All Programs" look for a folder called "Accessories" and click on that

4. The folder will open and you will scroll down to the "System Tools" folder and click on that

5. In the "System Tools" folder look for the Disk Clean Up utility and click on it. The utility will begin to search for files in your hard drive no longer being used.

Usually the process does not take a long time if you are maintaining your computer in a monthly basis like i do. Unfortunately there are more people who dont do a monthly maintenance on their computers. If this is the case then it will take several minutes more to find and then several minutes more to delete the files it found.

Remember this is only one solution to the problem. There are many solutions that you also use in conjuction with this but if i added it as well it would be a very long article. If you follow this you will be at least one step toward to bringing your computer back to run smoothly like it did when you first bought it.