Hose ReconstructionI am considering a major reconstruction of my current house. As I will need to take time off work, using my remaining holidays up, I have to ensure I cover every eventuality. I need to coordinate all the relevant tradesmen. I have to ensure that all the materials are delivered and handy for each period of the building process. I also need to lease with the building inspector who in turn talks with the accounts department at the building society so at each stage of the build the appropriate funds will be deposited into my account so I can pay all the contractors on time thus keep the build on schedule.


I started a list of things I needed to do if me being the project manager was to be successful. My first port of call was to gain the relevant funds for my major reconstruction. The building society were more than helpful offering me more than I needed. At a rate of interest that would be manageable even if things got a little tight. So my next step was the planning office. I am lucky, as my son in law is an architect so he drew up my pans. With these in hand I attended my appointment at the planning office. Once again, they were very helpful and gave me lots of good advice and some contact details of recommended tradesmen.


The planning department was a little skeptical about me being the project manager, mainly because of my lack of experience in this particular field. I do however, posses the skills to manage and coordinate everything to the last detail. I will be the quality control manager the issuer of funds and purchaser of the materials. The hardest part of the major refurbishment will be keeping the wife and kids happy throughout the project.


Whilst I await the decision of the planning department, I have some bridges to mend with the people living adjacent to me on all three sides. I have never been the friendliest of neighbors but I have never been unfriendly either. I do not even know their names. The reason I need to talk with them is that the planning department will ask for their approval of my major reconstruction. I need them on my side. I will inform them I will keep deliveries at a reasonable time; work will be done between nine am and five pm and even how long the skip on the road will be there for. I am thinking if they are warned they will not object to my major reconstruction (interesting to know is that in Danish the term is Ombygning byggetilladelse)so I suppose you can say in my role of project manager some public relations will be involved.


A personal visit to the local builders’ merchant, plans in arm paid of dividends. They could see how serious I was and with my quantum list for all the materials, they could also see I needed a lot of stuff. When I explained to them I wanted them as my preferred provider, I negotiated a very good discount.