If you are looing for a website or a service agent to conduct a license plate lookup, you should consider the following things. The amount they charge for each number plate and the accuracy of their database.

One option when you want to trace the number on a license plate is to enlist the services of a private investigator. Your local telephone directory will have the phone numbers for private investigators in your area in the business pages. A few well-placed calls will give you a price range for a license plate number trace. The average cost to have this service performed is usually $150 to $300 within a the local area.

Another option you have available would be to a private investigation service based online, such as Abika.com or BestPeopleSearch.com. An online service is more cost-effective than a local service, often charging only $79 to search the plate number you provide. You can expect to receive a variety of information pertaining to your trace number, including a first and last name, mailing address, registration number, expiration date, the make, model and VIN number of the car, a title number, and even the name of a lien holder if applicable, With these services, you not only get information for your local area, but throughout the United States and the Canadian Provinces as well. In addition, some services can even provide license plate information for some foreign countries.

Your remaining possibility is to become a member of a private investigation tools service, which allows you to perform your own research using the same information that professional private investigators have access to. With this, you will have the ability to enter and utilize the same people search databases as often a you like while you are a member for an annual fee, usually in the $29 to $59 price range. If saving money is important to you, and you have no difficulty in doing the extra work on your own, this is a good option to consider