denim rug

Doll House - Denim Rug - If you have a doll house, or you build doll houses, then here is a great rustic addition to the rooms in your little house. For very little money time and effort you can decorate your doll house in denim.

Denim is such a great reusable materials, it can be remade into anything, and gets softer with age. It can also be used as a canvas for painting as well as most sewing projects.

Things You Will Need

Here is what you will need:

Old clean denim jeans

sharp scissors

sewing machine

acrylic paints

washing machine.


Step 1

To make:

It would be best to make a few of these, so you can wash them at the same time.

Take a saucer (that was the size I used) you can make them any size you want,

and trace out a circle on the denim jeans. (You may need to open up the jeans at the seams to get a good tracing) You can cut out as many as you like. You only need a single layer for the denim rug.

Now take your sewing machine and sew 1/2 inch around the outer circle. This will be your "anti fray line".

Now take your sharp scissors, and cut fringe all the way around your denim rug. Try and keep the clips as close together as possible without touching your sewing line. This will be the difference between soft fringe or curley ques. Fringe looks the best. So, cut very close.

Now throw in the washing machine, with some towels or something, so they don't get lost, and watch the fringe form. You can try and get the same effect by hand washing, but the washing machine seems to be the best for this effect.

Now throw in the dryer. (make sure and empty your dryer lint trap afterwards from the denim fuzz). You will now have soft white fuzz for the fringe

Take your rug, and iron it if you need to, and now it is time for you to get creative. You can take your acrylic paints and paint a design, or you can use beads or embroidery. Your choice.

Now you have a cool and yet rustic denim rug for your doll house. Make a few, you can change the sizes for each room. You can even use this idea for table runners and curtains and more.

denim book mark

Denim also makes great book marks. You can sew two pieces of denim together and still create the fringe. By sewing two rectangle pieces together, it makes it a bit stiffer. There are lots of ideas for using denim in crafts. But I actually did well selling these doll house denim rugs at craft shows. I also made little seat cushions out of denim for the little doll furniture. You can give the entire doll house a rustic denim look on the cheap! All you need are a few pair of old jeans and your imagination. Once you get hooked on denim crafts, you may need more jeans. Let everyone know you are taking their old worn out jeans, and you will have free materials!

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