The collection of beautiful, exquisite dolls is a hobby enjoyed and pursued by many people. Doll collecting is actually the third largest hobby group in the world, closely following at the heels of stamp collecting and miniatures collecting.

For serious collectors, one of the delights of doll collecting is being able to display their treasures in all their pristine glory. Since most collectors have amassed quite a large collection, it is not usually practical to obtain glass display cases for them all; therefore, doll stands are frequently used.

Doll stands are used to firmly hold the doll in an upright position so that the dolls can be attractively presented. Occasionally, there may be some dolls which can stand quite well on their own, but for most dolls, suitable upright exhibition requires a doll stand.

How to Make Doll Stands

Sourcing doll stands, however, can prove to be a real challenge for collectors. Most collectors resort to making their own stands, which is really an inexpensive way to go. Not only is making your own doll stands cost-effective, it also allows you the privilege of making the customizing the stand to fit each doll’s dimensions.

So, here is what you need to know about making simple doll stands! Prepare a round or square wooden base (can be bought at store or cut in a shop). Stain it and then apply two or three coats of polyurethane finish.

The diameter of the wooden base will depend on the height of the doll. While there are no hard and fast rules concerning the diameter, you certainly would want the doll to appear balanced when on the stand.

Cut a piece of felt material the same size of the base and glue and glue it to the underside of the wood. Doing this will protect the any surface on which the stand is placed. Drill a hole through the base, along one edge.

The hole should be the same diameter as the dowel which will be used to hold the doll. Put wood glue into the hole and insert the dowel into the hole. When the doll is put in position the top of the dowel should be somewhere between the waist of the doll and her arms. Adjust the height of the dowel accordingly.

Allow the glue to completely dry. Insert a piece of wire into the opening at the top of the dowel. Incidentally, you can dip the tips of the wire into Plasti-dip prior to insertion. Doing this will ensure that the rounded plastic ends will not damage your doll.

This wire should be of sufficient length to be able to wrap around your doll, and hold the doll firmly in place while on the stand. Consider personalizing your home-made stand by engraving the name of the doll on the base.

Cute embellishments which accentuate the stand such as rhinestones can also be added for glitz, or just as your own personal trademark. By following these five simple steps you will be able to create durable, highly-individualized doll stands.