If you love the mountains, the people of the mountains and the excitement of amusement parks, then there is one place that you should put on your to do list. That one place is called Dollywood.

Dollywood is an amusement park that began as a tribute to the livelihood and resilience of the mountain people. With crafts and artisans sharing their talents with the visitors. Dolly Parton became a partner on the Silver City amusement park and helped to revitalize it with new rides and since she became a partner the park has become one of the most visited amusement parks in the country.

Rides in the park have grown since the park first opened and each year something new is usually brought to the park. Dollywood is open through most of the year with special treats for the Christmas visitors. There is the Ploar Express train that takes your family on a special Christmas adventure. Other holiday specials take place at Dollywood.


Splash Country

Now there has been the addition of the Splash Country water park. This has brought in people that are looking to cool off for the day and enjoy some of the unique water features that are available. There is the opportunity of water rafting as well as sliding and intertubes. The park is a full day's worth of over 30 water rides and slides.

Dollywood and Splash Country are both located in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Log Ride at Dollywood Water PArk at Dollywood

The water park is open on a daily basis throughout the summer months.

Whether you choose one park or both you will have a fun time with all of the attractions and rides that Dolly Parton has made available for the family to enjoy.


There are musicals that pay tribute to the Native American and the hard scrabble farmers that made a living farming in these mountains. Stage shows and craftsmen will keep you entertained in the one price admittance fee for each park. There are specials year round that invite the family to come and enjoy a day at Dollywood.

There are over 30 Thrill rides and rides and attractions for all ages in the park. Just a few of them are listed below.

Tennessee Tornado
The Mystery Mines
Blazing Fury
Sky Rider
Timber Tower
These rides and dozens more will keep you screaming as you go into mines and up into the air, going into a forest fire and surviving the loops and twists that the roller coasters provide.
Tennessee Tornado Roller Coaster

Ticket Information

There are discount tickets available to the future visitor by contacting the park or the visitors center in the local area. The park offers Military Discounts and other special deals such as vacation package offers and group rates. Using the special offers website you can find a great ticket price for your vacation.