Dolphin fountains are a special variety of decorative water feature that's popular in upscale backyards and neighborhoods.  Small dolphin fountains are also suitable for the home and are available to any fan of great interior design or professional landscaping scene.

Water features are extremely luxurious show pieces that can vastly improve the overall décor of your house. These days you can easily find indoor, outdoor, garden, wall and portable fountains that would surely enhance the appearance of your home.

One of the recent popular ways is by having a magnificent water feature in your home. Dolphin styles are quite popular among people because of their unique and exotic look. The dolphins are the most friendly sea animals and are known for saving humans when they are in danger at sea. These fountains are made for a variety of areas for both indoors and outdoors. Specially designed indoor table top dolphin water features are great visual delights for your guests.

When placed in your garden with its complete effects, these units not only add beauty to the garden or entrance of your home, but also create a peaceful atmosphere throughout the space. The water helps prevent dry skin because the moisture in the air created by the water adds humidity to the environment.  Many people believe that a fountain provides a happy environment to one’s home.

The dolphin style fountain comes in different shapes, sizes and materials. The various types of materials are available today are as follows:

  • Marble Dolphin Fountain: These are made up of marble, granite in warm hues of the sunset. These are quite popular among people due to their durability and unique designs. The red and white marble fountains are generally the ones that people choose for their homes. The price range is from $40 to $ 6000 and above depending upon the fountain you choose.
  • Polymer Indoor and Outdoor Dolphin Fountain: As the name suggests these are built out of polymers. The price range of these units ranges from $200 - $ 2000 and above.
  • Bronze Water Dolphin Fountain: These fountains are made of bronze. They can be placed either indoors or outdoors. The price ranges starts from $1200 to $8000 and above depending upon the fountain you choose.
  • Wax Dolphin Fountain: These are one of the most expensive types of fountains available today. These are special pieces of art work and are made using the lost wax process. The lost wax process is a metal casting technique ensuring accurate reproduction of existing sculptures. These units can range anywhere from $1200 to $8000 and above.

Things to consider before installing a water fountain in your home:

  • Where are you going to install it in the first place?
  • Know about all the specifications for indoor or outdoor fountains and plumbing issues whichever you are selecting.
  • What type of head is required?
  • What type of pump is needed and the electrical connections if needed should be installed by an electrician.

Maintenance of your water feature requires weekly or monthly cleaning. The unit should be properly checked for any defects during each cleaning and annually by a professional.