For those who have no idea what dolphins shorts look like, think Richard Simmons, the fitness personality.  If you do not think that is sexy, then think Hooter’s girls. They are those small athletic shorts that girls tend to wear with a solid color and a binding in a different, usually contrasting color. The shorts have gone through a lot of different designs since its creation in the 1980, but its place in fitness and their sex appeal has not change.

They first appear in 1980s by the Dolfin Swimwear Company. The Dolfin Company remains a major producer of sportswear but they were not able to replicate the success of the dolphin shorts. They are called Dolphin shorts for the slit on the side of the shorts. These were a huge hit in the 1980 among California beach culture and by 1981 everyone in high school and college had them. If you watch those movies from the 80’s you will see that at least one girl had them on.  Many sports program adopted the short as a uniform, but strict dress code removes them from the classroom for obvious reasons. In the early 1990s, the shorts were replaced by baggy, less revealing version.

As time went on, different sports program adopted other shorts as their uniform, soccer and basketball favor the baggy shorts, while volleyball tend to favor the tight-skin shorts.  Dolphin shorts are still common among track and field and college classroom where the dress code are not as strict. Of course Hooter’s girls also wear them and Richard Simmons.

The dolphin shorts offer a lot of advantage due to their design; the older shorts had a taper side, which angle the shorts creating the illusion of longer legs. The newer design has a square hemline instead but has risen upward.

The fashion trend had been going in and out for a while with a huge resurgence in 2007 among fitness groups.  There is also other variation of the shorts. Some are made with denim instead of their usual soft cotton and are meant as a fashion statement.

The dolphin shorts will always have a place in the fashion world for their sex appeal among young women and a defining part of 1980 fashion.  If you are looking for a great way to look good , men or women , grab a pair of dolphin shorts and hit the gym or beach and be admired by those too shy to wear them!