There must have been some point in time when you certainly would have come across the term domain. Well, this is largely owed to the fact that it is something that you need to know about, that’s one thing. Now, if you are wondering if it is difficult to understand, cast your worries aside as it is quite simple. You can think of it like a naming system. The same way that a family shares a surname in most cultures, groups of web pages that share the same characteristic features fall under the same domain. There are predominantly two types of domains that you can go in for. Are you interested to know learn regarding this? Then keep reading.


The first and foremost thing that you need to think about is the point that getting the right domain would in the long run be an excellent investment. It is largely because the internet has the ability to bolster business in such a way that it could make your business venture a successful one. Apart from that this would be a perfect tool which you can use to move forward. Also, it would be representative of the company as well, as it would reflect what it stands for. Additionally, you would have to find the right domain and this would certainly help you slowly build the reputation of the company and keep it intact.     

Generic Domains

Now, coming to the types of domains that are available, the generic is the most commonly used one. This is an extension that is used by a cluster of websites that are similar in nature. For instance, .com, .org, .net are some of the extensions that are available. If you were wondering about whether you can apply for these or not, then you should know that anyone can. Yes, irrespective of one’s citizenship, sex, age or country of residence, one will be in a position where one can streamline their search in this way. For instance, organizations have an .org extension that they use. In the same way, .com is the extension that is assigned to commercial websites.
Another advantage is that taking up a particular domain would help the website become more SEO friendly. So, you would need to have high quality content on the website. This also means that unnecessary use or repetition of keywords must be avoided so that the site gains a high Google ranking. Quality is something that can’t be compromised on in this regard. Also, overloading it with information is not a choice since there are several websites and too much competition so you need to have an edge.

Country Specific Domains  

The next type of domain that you can come across is country specific domains. If you take a look at it, each country has its own domain. If you look at it from a business perspective you will be in a position where you can tap business potential. Apart from that this would be the easiest way in which you can increase your customer base.