Domain Research within Keyword Software Niche Finder makes it easier

To identify potentially profitable domain names, it’s best to do a bit of research first. The concensus is that it is also a good idea to have your main target keyword you will be going for in your domain name. Wouldn’t it be a good idea then to combine your domain research with your keyword research? Yes it is, which is I guess why Brad Callen released an update to his Niche Finder software which does exactly that – while you research keywords and the competition, the software also analyses available domains.

The best thing about this function is that there is no two or three step process in your research – by integrating Domain Face into Niche Finder, the software does the same work, and then additional research as well – without the functionality of the software suffering at all. So in other words, not only does Niche Finder do the niche keyword analysis for you – it also does the domain research which is pivotal to a niche marketer.

What research you can do within Niche Finder

Niche Finder allows you to access your free Domain Face account to do your domain research without opening new software or conducting web searches yourself. If exact matches to related keyword results exist as .com, .org. or .net domain names it says so along with all the other handy data displayed relevant to the individual keyword results (see the screenshot below).

Niche Finder Screenshot

IF on the other hand you want something directly related to a keyword but the exact match is not available, then clicking on the keyword in the left hand column will activate the lower part of the screen which provides alternative available new domains. Niche Finder also provides a tab which you can click on to search for aged domains relevant to the keyword – along with the asking price.

Doing your niche domain research within Niche Finder saves time

Not only that, but using Niche finder like this to its full capacity can not only save you time, but effort. Plus your energies can be better put towards identifying opportunities and taking action to maximise your profit quickly and conveniently. What’s the point of finding a keyword which returns great Adsense CPC rates, has low competition and you don’t do anything about it? Sure, write articles and submit them to your heart’s content, but the real money and real potential for ongoing rewards lie in creating a niche site targeted to specific readers wanting specific things – often arriving to your site with wallet in hand.

Niche Finder is an investment in your online business. It can maximise and streamline your efforts towards returning real tangible rewards. Making use of Niche Finder’s inbuilt capacity to use Domain Face to do domain research makes sense, and is a smart move for the smart niche marketer. After all what is the point of having several tools for different tasks when you can just have one in Niche Finder?