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Fathers Need Help



There seems to be a huge gap in the resources and help that is available to men who are victims of Domestic Violence. As a male victim, I know the struggles that a father encounters when looking for assistance and being turned down because most homeless shelters and assistance programs are designed to cater to just women. A single father with kids in his possession should have the same help that a woman or single mother has.  Out of every 100 Domestic Violence cases that are reported, 40 of those cases are men who were abused by a woman.


 In the early 19th century, a man hitting his wife was actually accepted by the governments. It wasn’t until women starting to bring awareness and fighting back that it became frowned upon. Women began to stand up and take up for themselves. Men do not report Domestic Violence against them for a number of reasons like shame, embarrassment, pride, and many others. One thing that is for sure though, Men have almost the same reasons that women do for not reporting it when they are getting abused.


Domestic Violence and Homelessness go hand in hand for both men and women. Luckily, our women have the assistance programs and shelters out there that can provide them with what they need. Unfortunately, that is not the case for men. Men need to take a stand and start defending themselves with courage instead of making the decision to retaliate with more violence.


The government should start creating more programs and shelters that cater to men. In no attempt to disregard a woman or mother that has been beaten, this does happen to men as well.  For example, Houston, Texas only has three shelters out of hundreds that will take a single father with kids in his possession.  With those odds, It is very unlikely that he would be able to find shelter if he was looking for a safe place for his children.  Out of those three shelters, his next problem would be getting into one of those shelters because 95% of the time, those three will be full to capacity and have no room to take him in.


With the one sided government that we have, it is up to us men to bring more awareness to the fact those men and fathers CAN be victims of Domestic Violence and Homelessness.  We should start developing more Non-Profit organizations that will be designed exclusively for men and fathers. These organizations should focus on supporting and educating men in need.  Personally, I do not know of one organization that helps dads with kids in his possession. There should be assistance in the form of education, shelter, transitional living centers, job assistance, etc.  There should be more advocates that support the male victims of Domestic Violence. Maybe, if this issue was pushed to the forefront, we may start to see some results in favor of the men.  We need men to start building Non-profit organizations to close this huge gap within the Domestic Violence statistics.