Dominion Intrigue is a new set of cards for the Dominion card game. It offers 24 more action cards to use. Here is a brief list of some of the action cards and strategy associated with each.


This is a unique Action/Victory card. You can play it as an action throughout the game and you may count it as 2 Victory points at the end of the game. The Action this card provides is to offer you the choice of either drawing 3 more cards or taking 2 more actions.

This is a valuable card to have, hence its 6 coin price tag. One particular strategy involves buying 3-4 Nobles and using them to 'dig' through your deck for more money to purchase Provinces. This strategy requires a significant amount of Silver and some Gold in your deck in order to work.


This action card costs 3 and allows you to pull 2 more cards. Also, each player must pass a card from their hand to the player on their left and then you may trash a card from your hand. This is effective in ridding your hand of curse cards.


This card is a potential money saver. Its basic action is +1 Card, +1 Action. That in itself is fairly valuable. An optional action is to trash this card and gain a card costing 1 more than it. Upgrade costs 5 so at any time it can be trashed for another card costing 6. Many players prefer to purchase Upgrade, use it briefly and then trash it for a gold card.


This is an action-attack card (if you couldn't tell from the card name). It allows the user +3 cards and all other players must discard two cards from their hand. If they choose not to discard, they must gain a curse card. This attack is effective in disrupting the buying power of your opponents by simply decreasing the number of cards in their hand.


The Swindler is a tricky action-attack card. Its basic action is +2 coins to use for that turn. The attack of this card stipulates that each other player must trash the top card of his deck and gain a card with the same cost that you choose. The important thing to note here is that copper cards cost zero and so do curse cards. Players often use this strategy to curse their opponents by giving them a curse when they have to trash a copper.

These are just five cards from the entire Intrigue set of Dominion cards. I highly recommend you go out and buy Dominion Intrigue, even if you don't have the base set.