There's a certain stigma surrounding cubic zirconia rings that may be difficult to overcome. This has nothing to do with the aesthetic look of the ring, but more with the social connotations that this kind of jewelry has been associated with over time. Many people sneer at cubic zirconia in general, considering this gemstone and anything it's in to be a vile and contemptible fake. But is there any truth to these claims? Should you be ashamed if you buy a cubic zirconia ring?

Cubic zirconia rings look great!

Let's take a second and look at the facts. Cubic zirconia, like diamond, is a colorless gemstone that's absolutely radiant. The dazzling appeal of well cut cubic zirconia gems is what makes it so very attractive. Many of these gemstones are synthetically grown instead of found naturally. But then again, so are many diamonds these days, and no one considers them to be fake or looks down upon them.

If cubic zirconia gems are just as real as any other, and the precious metal bands aren't false, then the idea of them being fake must have come from somewhere else. The culprit is the diamond industry. The terrible reputation of cubic zirconia rings was started by people who sell engagement rings. They saw that a CZ ring has the same dazzling elegance but was far less expensive. Seeing their profits flying out the window, they decided to spread rumors about cubic zirconia and it's supposed falsity.

The fact of the matter is that jewelry is all about looks anyways. People love rubies because of their incredible beauty, not because someone behind a desk somewhere gave them a stamp of approval. This is why there's nothing to be ashamed about in buying a cubic zirconia ring. After all, they look great and cost a whole lot less than other kinds of jewelry. What's not to like about them?

The only reason why you should ever feel shame over cubic zirconia rings is if you play them off as being genuine diamonds. Then they become false. But this is only if you make them so. In essence, the ring is only what it is - no more and no less. So long as you don't mislabel it, the cubic zirconia ring bears as much pride as any other. Honesty, in this as in all things, is the key.

So raise your head high and enjoy the many advantages that cubic zirconia rings have to offer. Take the money that you saved by not buying a diamond ring and treat yourself to something nice. Go on a vacation, or treat a loved one to a romantic evening. Remember, there's never any shame in getting something incredibly beautiful for a low price. Wear that cubic zirconia ring with pride!