If you're stuck doing the same old thing with your eye makeup, you'll want to consider making some changes. One of the easiest ways to do this is to invest in some dark eye makeup. These colors can really enhance your features to create the most beautiful look possible.

Many people love dark eye makeup because it adds an air of mystery. There is something about a woman with a smoky eye that just drives men wild!

Of course, some women go way too far with their eye makeup. That is something you definitely want to avoid. When you're choosing your eye makeup, try to find colors that will suit your natural skin tone. A color that looks great on your friend might not look so hot on you.

Consider your hair color, skin color, and eye color to make this decision. Of course, part of the fun of wearing dark makeup is that you get to break a few rules!

There is nothing that says you can't have fun and experiment a little. Try to mix and match and pick great makeup that you think will make your eyes pop. Consider having many different dark makeup sets. That way you can match the colors to fit with any outfit you might want to wear.

If cash is tight you can always go with the old standbys of charcoal and dark grey. Having those colors in your makeup kit will start you off on the right foot if you want to create a smoky eye look. Smoky eyes are very popular with good reason!

Men go crazy for a smoky eye and other women will want to emulate you. You already have an advantage over many women because so many of them are scared off by dark eye makeup. It can take some confidence to pull that off.

The good news is that you'll have so much confidence because you're wearing dark eye makeup! This can really pay off for you. Remember to never use too much makeup, however. If you go overboard it can have the opposite effect you were going for.

It's best to have a friend or family member check you out before you leave the house. They can tell you if you have too little, too much, or just the right amount.

Getting the advice of other people can be invaluable so that you don't make a makeup blunder. Wearing dark eye makeup is a great decision if you want to stand out.

Don't waste your time wearing the same makeup day in and day out. Choose colors that are fun and complement your skin tone, and you'll have a beautiful look that is truly desired.