Make real money onlineI was so frustrated during that horrible time of searching for a way to make money online. I spent so much money on products promising riches. It never happened. As a matter of fact I never made anything worth talking about on products that I spent money on. The first time I made money online was when I used adsense and writing. If you are looking to make money online try the following for free before you spend your hard earned cash.

Write. This is very popular because we have approached a time where people are tired of the non-sense, hyped up ads promising boat loads of cash. We want results and we want them now! Writing is a sure way of making it happen. Info barrel is good because they share their money with their people. The give their writers 75% of revenue earned from adsense. They have great customer service and you do not have to worry about your articles being deleted.

Make Videos. If you are not a writer don't worry. Their is video blogging. Get a couple of your friends and make an entertaining or informative video. Upload your video to Info Barrel, ehow or youtube. Unlike before on youtube you can earn revenue from google ads. If you are a cook teach people your yummy recipes.

Draw or photograph. can actually draw for a living. Not only are there online art submission sites that will enable you to sale your art work, there are sites like imageshack and that will allow you to sell your clipart. If you have a copy of photoshop, illustrator or coral draw. Draw images that people could use in their articles. Thousands of bloggers look for pictures everyday. You could sell them easily for a couple bucks over and over again. If you want to sell exclusives you can sell them at a higher price. You could do this with photography as well.

After you find what works for you give it a couple of months before you see something. When I first started writing for ehow I made money the very next day! So be patient and good luck