When running a business, it can be very tempting to try to multitask a greater amount of tasks than you can handle. "It's easier if I do it myself" is a very common feeling. But it is crucial to be aware of the impact this can have on your own sanity, as well as that of your team.

If you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to get A, B, and C done, not only are you experiencing unnecessary amounts of stress, but it filters down to the rest of the organization. Prioritizing is your number one friend in this situation, with delegation and recognizing training opportunities in very close secondary places.

Picture yourself on any day of the week with multiple things to take care of. Vizualize the list in front of you. How do you feel? Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed maybe? As do we all! It is important to separate yourself from the list. Take a step back, and take an honest inventory of what your top priority is, and what really wont impact your business immediately. I find it easiest to re-write my "to-do" list in the order I have assigned it so I can cross them off from top to bottom as accomplished. Once you have this done, begin completing tasks, but have faith in your decisions while you do this. If you are on task 2 on your list, don't be thinking about task 3, 4, and 5 while you're doing it! Give yourself some credit and know that task 2, was higher than 3, 4, and 5 for a reason, so you should focus on it to completion before moving on.

Secondly, don't hesitate to take some of those tasks that can be passed along, or maybe aren't as high on the list, and delegate them to appropriate teammates. This will not only allow you to focus more on the task at hand, but will show trust in your teammates abilities. Encouragement can come in many different forms, and recogizing someone's skills in an area by giving them a "special" task, is a great way of creating a feeling of importance and accomplishment.

It can be very difficult for some managers to put that trust in another, especially if that other person has yet to complete a task of this type, but the key is to remember the positive impact it will have on your day, your stress level, and your team. On the other side of things, there does need to be caution taken to ensure that the proper direction/training is provided prior to expecting completion of said task. Assigning a task to someone who isn't fully capable in that area is unfair to all parties. The associate will become frustrated, angry, and feel inadequate in their position. While you will probably need to go back and correct the task at a later time.

Hectic times are a great opportunity to train new skills. While it can feel foolish in the moment to spend this time reviewing a new skill, the time conscious manager can be comforted thinking of all the time they will save down the road when this type of task arises again...and you've got just the person for the job!

Whenever I train new managers, I always use the analogy of a huge ship, sailing in the ocean, and the captain passing down directions based on the changes in the sea. At some point, the sailors needed to be trained on how to carry out those directions quickly and correctly, and can you imagine the chaos if the captain tried to do all that himself?!

Its all about making your day easier. If you have spread the workload appropriately, everything will get done in a timely manner, you will have a well trained and capable team, and you all will have more time to spend each day ELEVATING your business, instead of just trying to get through it!