SEO is a great tool, but it's not the only thing that gets traffic, and brings repeat visitors, to a website. We hear so much about SEO and see so many products that promise if you just learn Search Engine Optimization techniques your site will become an instant money maker. Because of this we sometimes lose sight of other factors that are important, and SEO becomes are main focus.

The following is a list of how not to use Search Engine Optimization.

Don't think you can build a site about anything and everything. You must now what your niche is and you must stick to your topic. If I search for a crochet technique or pattern and wind up on a knitting site it's more than frustrating. It's a waste of my time. Your visitors come to you expecting specific information, not related information, and not completely off-topic information. If your site is clearly about knitting, don't put the word crochet in your tags. Just because both crafts are done with yarn doesn't mean visitors care about them both..

Don't overuse SEO. Remember that content is extremely important; it's not a trick to get visitors. When you search the Internet you're looking for information and the last thing you want is to visit a site that's heavy on keywords and tags but not the information you were promised. When a visitor arrives at a page with massive amounts of keywords but little usable content I can guarantee they won't be back.

Don't use links for no other reason than to lure in visitors. Links to related information, links for navigational purposes, and links to relevant posts can all make the users experience enjoyable. They offer navigation and content. But if your links only go to other sites that are filled with even more links it's just plain maddening. Enough said.

Don't make SEO the top priority of your site. Even if you just watched best video or read the most awesome book about SEO techniques, don't get carried away trying to use all the new things you've just ;earned. First, make sure your site is inviting. After you accomplish that you can put some of those SEO tactics to work-but don't use them all at once. The reason a visitor lands on your page is to have a promise fulfilled, not to feel that they've been tricked into going somewhere they never intended to be.

Don't fall into the social media abyss. Social media marketing is a nice tool, but it should complement your site, not take over. If your site is filled with social media widgets, it's almost like having a link circle. There is really no breadth of information, just a merry-go-round of the same old thing. Delicious, Digg, Facebook and Twitter are fun, and you should keep them that way. A site that's filled with social media looks terrible and visitors won't stay any longer than it takes to get back to where they came from. Remember the banner sites of the early 90s? Social media insanity looks like the same thing and it's a turn-off.

Every technique mentioned in this article can be used successfully, webmasters just need to remember that too much of anything isn't a good thing. Websites are wonderful resources, but not if they're nothing more than a gimmicky sales page. Even if you think you've hidden the tricks well, your visitors will always see your over the top tactics immediately.