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Don't waste your money on the World Internet Summit

By Edited Nov 16, 2013 1 23

I rarely go to internet marketing related conferences, but I happened to be in Melbourne when the World Internet Summit was on, so I thought I would attend. The four day event was five hundred dollars, which for me wasn't cheap. While I wouldn't go so far as calling it a scam, I think these kind of seminars can be a real waste of money for people wanting to learn about internet marketing and making money from the internet.

The World Internet Summit is run by Brett McFall and Tom Hua who are both pretty successful internet marketers. The website's homepage is your typical Internet Marketers' sales page, with lots of promises of learning the "secrets" and testimonials. Some of the people who have testimonials on the website attended the event. They are pretty much all well established internet marketers already and spent little time actually listening to the presenters. Most of the time they sat up at the back of the room working on their laptops.

"For 4 days you will witness a proven training system that teaches you the latest and most cutting edge secrets for creating and running a profitable business on the internet", reads their website. One thing I know to life and making money is that there is no "secret" to making money, losing weight etc. To be honest I learned very little from the four days of "training".

One of the speakers was Mike Filsaime who was probably one of the most well known internet marketers at the event. I thought he was one of the better speakers. All of the speakers followed a similar format - a story about their life, how they were in debt, sick or out of work. Their life then turned around after they discovered some particular aspect of making money on the internet.

The personal stories are obviously used to appeal to the audience, who mostly are looking for some kind of change in their life and increase in wealth. Then began a demonstration of how they make money on the internet and how they discovered "unlimited wealth" - pictures of Ferraris and beach resorts. I am sure you get the idea.

The presenters were good at building up a sense of excitement with their products. Everyone could relate to the story of either not having a job, being in debt or just wanting more money. You could see some people in the audience who just couldn't wait to sign up to the presenter's internet marketing program. All of the courses were around $2000 - $3000 and towards the end sales pitch they gave away some kind of special bonus to the first 10 or 20 people to sign up.

The next thing that happened was a complete surprise to me. People jumped up from their seats and ran to the back of the room where they could make their purchase. When this started happening other people also followed suit. It was like, "I really don't know if this program is good or will work, but it must be good if other people are running to get it".

I couldn't help wondering if they paid some people in the audience to be the first movers and create the ongoing rush! I heard that when they ran the show in Singapore that a guy bought every single internet marketing course using his credit cards. I think it would have at least cost him $30-$40,000!

World Internet Summit

The people that I spoke to were either all very new to internet marketing, or they were people with a lot of experience who were there to promote their own products. One lady I spoke to was still thinking about buying one particular course. I suggested she should just start reading the forum webmasterworld.com That's basically how I learned about domains, SEO and affiliates.

Another person I spoke to. told me how she was still doing a course she bought from last year's event! She complained that there was just too much work to do. I asked her if she had made any money yet, and she shook her head sadly and replied "no". She then piped up again and said how great the guru's new course looked! I couldn't believe that even though she hadn't made any money from doing the course, she still wanted to buy it again! Some people will never learn. I felt a bit sorry for her.

That speaker, who is a fairly well known internet marketer and great sales person, while he was on stage, he couldn't even remember his password to get into his own site which contained all of the teaching materials. I was a bit dumbfounded, but most people weren't bothered by it at all.

Every speaker had one or two snippets of useful knowledge, but they were basically all sales presentations. I had spent a few hundred dollars on the event, so it was disappointing having to pay to listen people who were just selling their products. While it was an interesting experience, I don't think I will ever bother attending again.


Sep 7, 2009 7:50pm
Hi, this is Brett McFall, the co-founder of the event that the author is criticising above.

So obviously, I don't like to hear it. But everyone is entitled to their view, and have no issue with that.

What I do have an issue with (and something which I believe you the reader should be aware of) is that the author above is making an income from putting us down (using advertisements within the article) - hmmm... strange that he doesn't like the experts doing their thing and making an income, but doesn't mind doing it for his own gain.

And of course, he uses the tags too so that he gets traffic on the back of our World Internet Summit name, and even Tom and my names.

Again, all standard practice. But slightly hypocritical no?

Anyway, no-one forced him to stay for the whole event, so it mustn't have been too bad I guess. Wish he could have enjoyed it more of course.

Regardless, our events come with a money back guarantee, and less than a handful of people have ever wanted one - and we've taught over 10,000.

So while some are cynical and find it easier to criticise, most love what we teach and get incredible value from it.

And yes, we even have people who have made lots of money from what we teach too. They proof never lies.

Regardless, I wish you the best of internet success.

Brett McFall
Oct 10, 2013 1:34am
Hey...Brett McFall...finally found you here. You don't have that good reputation in the internet business arena..do you?

You called him a slight hypocrite but see who is the true hypocrite now..? If everyone is entitled to their views, why are so afraid and removed my negative comments on your youtube videos..??? You even blocked me from making further comments in all your youtube videos. Looks like you are the real hypocrite, aren't you...???

Your secret is to present specific topics in youtube, articles and seminars by using controlled positive comments and testimonies to make yourself looks like an expert so you can get ignorant people to fall for your crappy products and services by clicking and buying through your links.

Then keep your database members hungry for more information and then take advantage of the situation to upsell them more of your recommended products, training and/or mentoring programs one after another...and each time they have to pay thousands after thousands of dollars....is that not true...?

That is "How you make money while you sleep" isn't it? which you proudly boast as the best selling books and seminars in Australia...

Ain't there better book to read in Australia...mmmm...???

You outsource all your projects to ghostwriters and software developers. Then claimed ownership of the ebook and software and market yourself as an expert in that specific niche. Once someone buys into your idea that you are an expert in that specific niche, they will fall for your upsell products, softwares, trainings and then mentoring programs...That is your scheme isn't it...???

The truth is that you are not an expert in any field but you can never let the public knows ...can you??? Because once the public realised that you are not an expert in any niche that you talk about, you can't make anymore money while you sleep anymore...can you??? So you must always appear to be the expert...don't you???

However, the public who falls for your books and training programs need to know that by reading a book or manual on "How to fly A Plane" would not make them a pilot. Similarly, by reading a good medical manual on "How to Be A Doctor" will not and in fact will never make them a Doctor.

So for one to make money like you, the trick is to make yourself looks like a expert and showing how successful you are by showing your cars, houses, travels, beaches, and beautiful scenery behind you while you are filming and put it on the youtube. So your followers will hungry for more to be like..

But the fact is eventually they will be like a rat going round and round and buying more of your books but still gets nowhere.

It is like you are never a qualified pilot but you create an image that you are an expert pilot who can teach people to become a A1 fighter pilot. But because you were never a pilot yourself, you have to keep your students in the dark by taking one course after another by paying thousands after thousands of dollars...Unfortunately your students will still never becomes a pilot at all..

Until one day, your student attend a real and true flying school with proper facilities and hands-on training, they will forever never be the pilot they want to be..

You proudly teach your audience in each seminar to be the General and not the soldiers in the trenches. Well...I have to say thank God...you are not a General of Australia and definitely will not be one at any time near or in the future...

Because the day you become the General of Australia...that will be the doom day for Australia...

While you keep self professing yourself to be the General of what you are doing, I can only say that you are a General in Trenches....mmmm...very similar to Saddem Hussein on his fallen days....

You claimed that you offer money back guaranteed..see how many people have difficulties getting back their money from site: http://lissowerbutts.com/brett-mcfall-the-world-internet-summit-is-he-legit/.

Just as you blocked me from your youtube comments, I guess you would press on the "Spam/Inpporpriate" button below...ya...???

Similarly I guess you will try to remove Lissowerbutts' site if you could...wouldn't you...???

That's no where to hide....Brett McFall...come out from the trenches....!!!

Beware guys....!!!
Jul 13, 2014 4:15am
I really don't know what personal gripe you can have with someone to write something like this. If you went to Brett's seminar and did not learn anything, then you either knew it all or you forgot your hearing aid, or was it the comprehension skills you were lacking? Maybe the big mouth was going to fast and you missed a lot of the information.

I am a single mum, and I got Brett's course and no he does not even know I am writing to you. It was a big commitment and a struggle for me. Often I only had baked beans on toast to eat. But after 9 months. yes, it took that long to learn. You are right, there is a lot, it's almost like a uni course. But that is the commitment to start a new business. You just have to keep going and then you will be successful. It's whingers who fail a little, give up, and then blame others for it who are always the ones who expect to blame others for their problems.

Maybe some gurus are not honest, but I can tell you that Brett's course is awesome. I have made 5 products and I am doing a Joint Venture with Brett on my first one. Why? Because he will support anyone who works hard. No he doesn't have to do a JV with me. After all I am no-one. He no doubt does not need the money my little product will make. But he is still giving up his time for me.

But then I showed him I really wanted it. I worked hard. I made sure he knew who I was and I got the guts to ask a guru to do a JV when I saw the opportunity.

So if you work hard, get off your backside, plug away no matter what, follow the course without complaining about how much there is to learn, then you too will be successful. After all the man teaches you to fish, gives you the fishing pole, but if you actually never go to the river and throw the line in, how do you expect to catch a fish?

Stop whinging, being nasty, get up off your backside and make the world a better place with your information. It does work and some gurus do care. I intend to be successful, I am going to be on the market this year, and I owe it all to Brett. So you see it does work but you have to be teachable and positive, so I guess you will never get to the top with your attitude.

You are lucky that someone is nice enough not to sue you, because I know I would.
Sep 7, 2009 8:36pm
LOL Mike I can relate to this somewhat! I went to Brett McFall's free all day seminar a few months ago in Perth (he runs them in all the Australian capitals) - it sounds exactly like you described except he basically did the seminar around his book. His book is a "7 step method" of find a niche/create a prodcut/write excellent salescopy/get traffic/build a list/develop an affiliate network. Its not a bad system and I have no reason to doubt that it makes him and many others a lot of money.

I like you was really bermused to see the crowd reaction. The venue was booked out - it was backed with a mainly 40-60 year old crowd - who in foyer were discussing their property investements and share market ventures - I suspect this is the list he was selling to - I saw the ad in the paper but many were there from a property flipper guru's list.

I hazard a guess that most of these people would consider setting up a wordpress blog as "difficult" - he had them entranced by the idea that they could subscribe to his site-builder software which did it all for them *sigh*.

The content part of the talk - which mirrored the book (which I subsequently bought) - went from 9-1 - not bad for free I thought. Then we went into the sales pitch - I think the initial price point was $4k - but only for the first 50? then of course the upsell/downsale went from there.

I was fascinated as I have only ever seen this done on websites - now I saw the crowd in action - just like you- and the closest I've seen is a evangagelic type youth camp I went to (a very long time ago) where we had the chance to commit to Christ - I was one of maybe 10% of the audience who didn't - it was very,very hard to sit there and be in the minority.

I'd say the Perth audience about 50% of them committed with their credit card. The power of crowds and the feeling of urgency and that this was their last chance to be in on something special was really, really amazing

Brett is an excellent copywriter and speaker and he used the techniques he's promoting to work the crowd I was in very, very well. I learned a lot about the psychology of desparate people and how to make money from them - I'm just not sure that I like that as a business model!
Sep 8, 2009 4:14am
I think I have mentioned it before, but when it comes to internet marketing gurus then I prefer the following approach: Learn how they do it and don't buy what they tell you to buy. Only by observing how successful internet marketers run their campaigns one can learn a lot ;-)
One additional question, as I wasn't at the event described: Did people had to pay $500 to be able to pay / buy more products or did they actually got something in return for their initial investment of $500??? SY
Sep 8, 2009 5:31am
The 4 day course was actually $1000 Aussie dollars. If you brought a friend they got in for free. I managed to find someone who wanted to go and we split the cost.

It was held at an expensive hotel and they did provide nice food and drinks throughout the event which was nice. The support staff were all volunteers.

I can't see how I am being hypocritical of writing a review of the event, by running Google ads on the article. A problem of finding real reviews of internet marketing products is that most of the people writing the review get paid for the people they refer, through affiliate links.

No-one forced me to stay, I agree, but I did miss the last day. The biggest issue I had with the summit that it is basically advertised as "training" but the presentations are basically just teasers to get you to sign up to their courses, all of which are several thousand dollars.

If you have some kind of internet marketing product to sell the event could be worth attending as there are lots of newbies attending. Doing a joint venture with anyone of the speakers at these events, could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you have your own product and you are a great speaker, it is also worth attending to see how you can also copy the tactics these guys use.

If you know nothing about the internet or internet marketing, are easily influenced by late night infomercials, stay away or at least leave your credit card at home.
Oct 10, 2013 4:32am
Hey...don't have to feel bad about he called you a hypocrite.

Brett Mcfall and David Cavenagh are the real hypocrites.

Their tactics is to make you feel guilty and lousy about yourself and make themselves look great to cover their own guilt of what they are doing.

Their objective is to make you pay A$1,000 to listen to craps stories on how poor and unsuccessful they were and then eventually they found a system to make them rich. Then they promise to give you the system that they found and you can become rich too. What is so new in this kind of presentations...??? Same old stories!!!

You are right, the seminar are only a teasers for ignorant people to sign up for higher courses and training with them for continuous few thousand dollars each.

They made your A$1,000 upfront to listen to their crap stories. then make another few thousands dollars in the middle for enticing ignorant people to sign up further for their training courses. After the training courses, they will entice you with further mentoring programs that costs another $20,000 - $60,000....That's no ending...!!!

They make from you upfront, in the middle and along the way plus all the other craps that they sell you along the way with affiliate links they recommend you.

Their secret is no secret. Their trick is to get you keep buying from them. If you go for their training and so called mentoring program, that is what they will teach you with no true value. They call it true value but those information are a bunch of craps. That's how they make money while they sleep...how else???

The best way is to let as many people in the public know as much as possible and not fall into their recommended products or buy through their links or through their youtube channels and videos and stop going to their crap training and mentoring programs.

Of course they will use different pen names and other means and do everything they can to stop all these messages from spreading around.

But all these will spread like wild fire!!!

Beware Brett and David...some authorities are watching you....!!!! It has never happened to you for the last 10 years doesn't mean it will not happen to you one day...!!!

Dec 14, 2009 2:13am

David Cavanagh here - you might have heard about me before, then again you may not have, I'm not sure!

I read your article... read it again... then I thought to myself "you know what, Mike's got some valid points".... then I re-read it and thought "but isn't he being hypocritical saying all this, getting click-thru's through Google and all of the personal gain he's trying to gather from association to the WIS?"

Mike, I've spoken at most of the major internet summits and conferences around the World. I've worked alongside Brett and Tom at the World Internet Summit from 2004 to 2007 and watched them build their seminar into a huge success.

You're right in saying that some of the attendees will buy without thinking... yes... but does Brett and Tom twist their arms and make them commit to an investment on the day?

Is it manipulative of McDonalds to put mouth watering tv ads on just when you're about to sit at the dinner table? Or shall we call this "very intelligent and persuasive marketing"?

We're all entitled to our opinions... we've all got one... probably several... but to stay for the whole event, suck up the information like you did, then come in here slagging off the event just for your own personal gain... it's "interesting" I shall say :)

Mike, I run 10 day live events in Thailand... I do this 5 times a year... my students make money... should I say, "the ones who implement what they learn"... what are you implementing right now that's getting you closer to your dream?

After all, you attended the World Internet Summit for some reason did you not?

Yours In Success & Nothing Less,

David Cavanagh
Oct 10, 2013 5:32am
David Cavenagh...I have heard of you in the Warrior Forum. You are no different...man! Using the same old tactics...manipulative you mentioned is the right word for you guys....!

McDonalds don't show how successul they are to manipulate you to eat....They also don't project to you that you can become rich by eating their burgers. Neither do McDonald show you big houses, car, travels, holidays and beaches trying to entice you to sign up for a McDonald chain and become rich.

You and I know how successful is McDonald. True genuine companies and successful people don't have to do all these self advertising in the youtube, articles writing and press release. Someone will do it for them because they are true and genuine rich and successful people and companies.

Do you see Warren Buffet promote himself like you and Brett McFall to tell people how successful he is by showing his cars, private jets, yachts, ships, holidays, travels, sunbathing in the beaches to promote himself so as to entice you to sign up for his training program in order for you to be the next Warren Buffet?

Even if you would want to pay him, he would not want to teach you. A true genuine and successful person and companies won't need to do what you do.

That goes to say...you don't have it...so you must create to seem as if you have it...To make believe that you will bring your audience to success.

Then you start to show off your cars, houses, holidays, travel, staying nice hotels to proof to ignorant people enticing them to your training programs because you will give them your success recipes. But there is no recipes...The recipes is to make ignorant people believe that you are an expert so they will keeps buying...

The camouflage ways...!!!

Bad examples given, David Cavenagh..!!!

Run 10 day live events in Thailand....5 times a year??? Big deal!! You claim your students make money...so as all the internet marketing seminars including Brett McFall. Would anyone of you show testimonies that your students won't make money...??? Needless to say....!!!

But does Warren Buffet have to show testimonies of his students being successful after attending his classes??? No....!!!!

Same old cycle...!!! You have to create it to be.....

By promoting yourself in the youtube, articles writing, press release, etc but all done by paying others to do it which is all untrue..

Even Brett McFall have to control the negative comments in his youtube videos. If he has trained ten of thousands around the world and most of them were successful, then why the fear negative comments...??? I smell something fishy....do you...???

The truth is: you are no Warren Buffet and your company is no McDonalds...so you have to project to be one...by stealth methods...

I think the word stealth is a great compliment to you...maybe I should use another lower class word...mmmm...!!!!

Oct 9, 2010 3:51am

Brett & David, you guys just sound like scammers, dissing this review because it has 'paid' ads within it. Seriously, that is your best angle? Can't you come up with something better?

Anyone who has been in the world of IM for a while can see what you guys are doing. Sucking in Noobies and charging them $1000 for advice they can find out for themselves. I'm self taught and make a living of IM fulltime. Never needed a Guru Course.

It's saddening that you are making a living from other peoples ignorance. The crowd reactions to RUN RUN RUN to get your course speak more of the effort you put into controlling people and creating scarcity then anything else.

I only found this page because someone i've never heard from before spam emailed me about your conference. A guy i knew told me he went to the wealth seminar with Richard Branson (talk abou piggybacking, you should look at your recent promotion where you piggyback of bransons name), and how completely disappointed he was to find out what you were selling for $$$ was nothing but crap software.

People, people like this need you to be ignorant and unaware. Do yourself a favour and research things before buying. You're not missing out by not buying these people's products, believe me.
Oct 10, 2013 5:41am
Well said...anteck...Need more people like you to write genuine comments like this.

Would successful people sell crap software....??? And if you sell crap software, do you think you will be successful...??? So how these guys sell crap software and yet become so called successful and rich...??? Worth to think about it....????

Exactly right, you won't miss anything not buying these so called gurus products. In fact, if you buy their products, it would be the beginning of your nightmares...

You will missed many years of time reading their crap materials.
Oct 20, 2010 12:15pm
I just attended Brett Mc Falls summit at the ShangriLa in Sydney. I went there with an open mind looking for that magic piece of the puzzle that will pull it all together.
I have invested in countless affiliate programs that im sure many of us have done & burned a lot of money
I dont confess to be an expert in affiliate marketing but i know there are people making serious money online.
I love the idea of having a system that will automate most of the manual work that needs to be done bearing in mind that its impossible to make money overnight without putting in a huge effort & even then it takes many weeks before you see results.
I thought the software was great how it can pull all those tasks together in one very easy to use system however there were some glaring anomolies.

1. In the clickbank example Brett selected a product with a 75% commission but a gravity of only 2, anyone who kows anything about clickbank will not select a product with a gravity under 5, it simply means there is not enough demand for that product.

2. In the amazon.com example he mentioned that they pay a commission of arond 16% from memory, no they dont!! amozon pay a commission of 4% but if you have a more than a certain no of ads with them or a sitestripe they will pay 6%

3. The secret im going to share with you that noone else knows about ie expired domains, this is no secret & many affiliate marketers have been usuing this for a long time. Yes expired domains are good even great especially for backlinks.
Be Warned! they will not generate anything like the kind of serious traffic you need to generate real income
The 4/5 examples shown were generating approx 15, 20 or 30 visits per day, as we all know traffic is the key!! You need hundreds or thousands of visitors every day, without enough traffic you will be lucky to make $50 per month
You can have a great product with low traffic & sell nothing, (poor conversion rate) conversly but you can have a crap product & have huge traffic & someone will buy
After the individual examples of visits from expired domains the slide gives an exmple of approx 179,000 visits & $25,000 income approx, im going from memory here & the figures might be a bit out
It does not say if this is from 1 site or the 100 or so sites that Brett does not know the exact no he has.
Now here is the big hitter, if you or I owned this software why would you not employ a team of people to duplicate that process across thousands of sites?
Why book a five star hotel & sell to a few when you could make a hundred times more by doing it yourself?
Yea you guessed it, im doing this because I really care & I want to help you acheive the huge success I had
Finally at the end of the presentation where he showed the software that automates everything, why not show the income that site with the expired domain generated? After all they been working on it for months
Please dont give that privacy stuff, you could easily block out the items & only show the $$ generated & domain name used.

We all know that different niches & different products generate vastly different results & even if the results not great for this example, why not show it? It would give the audience an idea that they can actually make money & would have everyone in the room rushing for their credit cards

I would love to see comments here from anyone who has had success or otherwise especially success.
I will invest any amount of money in something if someone can show me that it actually works, who wouldnt?
Oct 10, 2013 5:44am
Hey investor...good analysis..

The answer is it is a crap software. Someone has already testify it to anteck.
Oct 21, 2010 12:06am
I have attended numerous "evangelical" style marketing events, and some of the audience traits and reactions described above are typical across all of them. This would be evident particularly to anyone who has even a cursory knowledge of social psychology ... the power or crowds, etc.
The basic question that you should always ask yourself is: if this person/organisation has found/developed such a good way to make money, why do they need or want to tell others about it. Surely the more people that know about it, the more common and therefore the less valuable the idea becomes. Unless ... they need you (and other schmucks like you) to assist them in making money, typically at your expense. Or worse, they actually just make money by preying on the desperate hopes of people like you.
A couple of examples that come to mind were seminars arranged by the Accor Premier Vacation Club, and a similar one by TrendWest. Some inducement was offered to get me there, and the slick sales pitch was accompanied by feelgood stories and images designed to lower resistance and make you drool. Indeed, this is powerful, successful marketing at its best. Then there are the techniques of whipping the crowd into a frenzy, almost hysteria. Hitler was particularly good at this :) The problem is that the product or service being marketed rarely if ever provides what it claims to. The crunch comes when you start asking questions and wanting more detail .. how is such and such regulated, what if x or y. They usually bring out the big guns, the uber-salesmen who are smooth as a baby's bottom and slippery as a bagful of eels. Trouble is, even these guys are wanting you to play to a script, and most importantly they don't want your skepticism and questions to "infect" the others in the audience. At that point they quickly shuffle you out of the event and usher you to a side exit into a back alley. I've considered myself very fortunate to find that exit with my wallet no lighter. Caveat emptor ... buyer beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Ask yourself what their motivations are. Nobody who knows how to make money genuinely wants to help others learn the same secrets. It would take away their competitive advantage. Anyone who claims otherwise is simply trying to make money out of your optimism, hope, and ignorance. Any sign of some of the tactics listed above is a surefire confirmation of this.
Oct 10, 2013 6:03am
Good observation schweinkoft...

If you ask intelligent questions and your questions have potential to infect others audience to become skepticism, Brett McFall using words to downplay you to shuffle you out of the event.

He will keep saying "you don't have to sign-up" but once he knows that you have no intention to sign up but keep asking questions, he will become agitated and you will see the "devil" comes out within him...I saw it with my own eyes..

You are exactly right....Don't you guy see his tactics, he sleeps and you keeps buying his stuff...or keep clicking on his affiliate links to buy more stuff...of course he becomes rich...that is how he makes his money while he sleeps. But you are keeping awake all nights reading his stuff and trying to find the secrets to riches...

It's your money that makes him rich... The trick is to make himself look like an expert in what he is talking about and make you hungry for more of his products and he can upsell you more each time..

If you found the system to make more money like him, he will not be able sleep so well anymore...So do you still think he will give you the secret to riches so you will stop buying and clicking on his affiliate links...Think Again...!!!
Nov 21, 2010 11:06am
Nov 28, 2010 3:34pm
This is a serious concern. I agree that the response by Brett was a smokescreen. Attack the messenger - and add spin. Brett should honestly address the issues - and the fact that so many people share in a delusion (making money in your sleep) is not evidence of the truth or value of the system. Read "The Madness of Crowds)
Oct 10, 2013 6:07am
Aug 18, 2011 7:07pm
I completely agree that it is all about psychology of desperate and using sense of exitement.I recently attended the summit in London and was intrigued by the crowd and bought and paid first installment.But always had some doubt in my mind why would they share this secret if it is already very lucrative.Thanks for warning and hoping to be refunded my first installment which is 777pounds(package costs 2,777pounds)
Oct 10, 2013 7:59am
If anyone of you have been scammed by any seminars, training courses and programs, you can report your complaint to the following sites:


If you are from Australia, you can report a scam through:
Jun 30, 2013 11:55pm
Dear Lissie,

["Brett is an excellent copywriter and speaker and he used the techniques he's promoting to work the crowd I was in very, very well. I learned a lot about the psychology of desperate people and how to make money from them - I'm just not sure that I like that as a business model!"]

My Comment is that he made money from you. Does that make you desperate? lol.

In your desperation, did you use any of the methods in his best selling record breaking book to make money yourself?

I want to commend the owner of this blog. 14394 backlinks and counting. I guess you hired an army of backlinkers to back link. lol. At least one of those backlinkers must have had some great tools or systems.

Why do people buy stuff online or at seminars?

My personal view: I searched the internet for 12 months for hours almost everyday to find the secret to making money online. And i am sure i found stuff that could make money...but never did make any. Why not, what's the secret to making money online? [Read the last line of my comments for the secret]

Brett McFall is able to put the stuff into a method that can be easily understood and copied.

No surprise he has sold thousands of books and programs and earns millions each year.

But what does it give the people who buy?

Those that can use the system become Brett McFall's future testimonials and those that don't continue working their jobs.

Brett McFall has created a money making machine and what he has showed me, is that we don't have to do the hard work alone, but that we can outsource the work, to make things happen faster.

The secret to making money online while you sleep is... in my opinion...
becoming Brett McFall's business partner, and using the same systems that he has perfected that has made him tens of millions... my opinion.

You can watch a day seminar or buy a 20 buck book and get a taste, or you can buy yearly $2500 program(s) and you get to see the real secrets.

When you "invest" in a book you have an interest and you put your foot in the water, when you invest in a program, you jump in the water and you swim until you succeed.

The Secret is ... "You have to attend to the details, and spend 80+% of your time on marketing and not waste all your time on developing your own product. Find a mentor.. I found mine!, Find a vehicle... i found mine."

Thank You Brett McFall.

Oct 10, 2013 6:15am
Really tutorman...??? So touching...!!!!

Jan 13, 2014 6:19am
Hey Tutorman,

I agree with you 100%. I have many mentors whom I look up to and one of them is Brett McFall. Brilliant man with a great knowledge and wisdom. He has created a wonderful team around him.

I started as a knowing a little bit about internet and now having a best time in my life. Thank you Brett McFall and the team.

Sad to see some of the comments. But again, starting and running a business is hard work and takes 'guts' to go through ups and downs. This is not for everybody.

It's so easy to blame others when going is getting tough. And then what happens is you go to the blog like this and you start a blaming game.

So so sad....that's why I won't be back here again.

To Your Success Online :-)



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