Donate cars and trucks Salvation Army and be a great helpful soul. If you think you have a vehicle that is just stuck there in your garage without anyone in your household using it, think twice if you decide to throw it or sell it. There’s even more to selling or throwing such because one of the best options you can make is to donate them.

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Donate cars and trucks Salvation Army and feel a one of a kind fulfillment. Donating itself is a very rewarding thing. From simple canned goods to loads of packages, it can really give you a sense of fulfilment that no other way can give you. What more if it involves really huge properties like a car or a truck? Being able to help will always be one of the best feelings in the world.

What is Salvation Army?

First of all, Salvation Army is a charitable Protestant and Christian church. It is known for its influence and the impact it causes to the lives of many people due to it charity work. They are a truly commendable institution and really helpful in saving many lives in terms of various aspects. It has a lot of extensions throughout the world and has been present in various countries maintaining their commendable work.

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For quite some time now, Salvation Army continues to search for ways to support their charitable works. One of the best programs that they have right now is car donation which is considered to generate a lot of funds. This program involves donation of used cars or trucks or any type of vehicle to any branch of the organization. Salvation Army being one of the largest organizations can be of easy access to any person who would really want to donate.

The Criterion for Vehicle Donation

Any type of vehicle can be accepted by the Salvation Army, whether they are still working or not. From trucks to boats, they allow it, even SUVs and planes. Salvation Army is open to any possible car donation. They also provide a free towing service for such cars to be donated. The money will then be generated from the cars through auctions that will be held at various sites of the organization. The money will in turn be used to support other programs of the organization. Salvation Army can be considered as good handlers of funds as they generate and eventually spend this for charitable purposes creating a very impressive cycle of support.

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The Salvation Army also maintains a security and safety system in their car donation program. They ensure that the car is really owned by the donor. If the car is not under the name of the donor, the car cannot be accepted as a donation. That is why if you are really serious and dedicated enough to donate your car, you must arrange the necessary documents to put the car under your name which then facilitate its donation. Well, if it is already under your name, you just have to secure your documents as proof that the vehicle is truly under your ownership. Once the car is sold at the auction, you will be readily informed about it.

Online Vehicle Donations Made Possible

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Do you know that it is also possible to make car donations online? Salvation Army has its own website that caters to all interested donors wherever they may be. You just have to visit the website, and go to the resources section where you will find the link for car donations and are marked in red. Upon clicking the link for car donations, you will be brought to a page where your information will be required. You just have to fill that online form up to facilitate the donation process.

Your contact information especially the name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. Your vehicle’s main information must also be given as well like the identification, year, and color, among others. This part of the application is very important for the organization to be able to properly assess your eligibility to become a donor. Upon completing the application, you will be quickly notified about whether you are considered to become a donor or not.

An agent from the Salvation Army will contact you regarding your application either through phone or e-mail. The agent will be the one to arrange when your car will be ready for pick-up already. When it is already scheduled, representatives from Salvation Army will come at the said time and get the car for donation. You should allow the car to be picked up. It is good if you are there during the pick-up time but if you really cannot be there during the scheduled time, the representatives from the Salvation Army can be truly trustworthy and you can leave your keys with a trustworthy person to be able to allow the pick-up once they visit.

Developing A Relationship of Trust With Donors

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To be able to formalize the donation process, you will be given a receipt for your donation by representatives right then and there. They could also give it to you through mail after several days. This means that Salvation Army is really a professional and donor friendly organization. It does not only put it interest on top of everything, it also never fails to consider the trust and concern of the donors. They really show donors that the organization is truly worthy of receiving such car donations and that these will greatly benefit a lot of people.


Donate cars and trucks Salvation Army and experience how it feels to be of great help to others. Salvation Army promotes the act of charity towards others. It is truly one admirable organization that does not only take care of its beneficiaries, but most especially, its donors as well. Many lives will be saved and changed through your simple act of car donation. Even the little things matter and it is not only vehicles that you can donate, there are definitely a lot. Donate cars and trucks Salvation Army and change lives while having yours changed as well, in an inspiring way.