Make use of your spare time

Most of us work all our lives, and as we age look towards retirement. Instead of feeling excited when it happens you suddenly feel useless, and think that life is passing you by.

In many instances, people feel bored because they no longer have a reason to get out of bed. When the grand kids were small you were in demand for babysitting. Now the kids are too busy living their own lives and you feel unwanted.

Is this you?

Have you ever thought of doing something for someone you have never met, in your spare time? If so, you could put a smile on a child’s face by creating gifts and donating them to any charity. This will keep you busy and help people less fortunate than yourself, although, it will depend on the type of craft you make.


Stop worrying about things you cannot control. Instead why not find a new hobby and try something new. It is amazing how many opportunities you can find when you open your eyes and look around you.

Sporting facilities, health and fitness clubs and charitable organizations need volunteers to help share the workload and survive these days. Challenge yourself to find new ideas to use your spare time and help others in the process. More and more people live on the streets through no fault of their own. We can all do our bit to help, who knows, one day we may become one of them.


Donate to Charity- Crochet baby clothes- hatCredit: TPhotos

Opportunities and Ideas

Plan new incentives:

  •  Plan a holiday
  •  Buy a caravan and go travelling
  •  Join a club - bowling, fishing, sport
  •  Earn money writing on the internet
  •  Women: Learn a new craft like crochet, knitting, sewing or writing
  •  Men: You can do your bit by whittling, wood work, writing and other hobbies

Make use of your spare time

Many people both young and old enjoy the luxury of travel looking for new places to explore. We spend so many hours at a loose end. Instead of sitting idle as a passenger in the car, you can knit or crochet baby clothes to pass the time. Then again, I have seen so many people reading, why not use this time to create new things.

Crochet is an art that has been around for hundreds of years. It is also a creative and useful hobby. Here are some of the things you can make in your spare time crocheting to give to charity:

Baby clothes: Baby outfits, booties, hats, mittens, layettes, baby blankets

Granny Blankets and Squares: Make small squares, using leftover wool and sew together. Or you can make large ones, although this will require having to buy full balls of wool.  The cheapest way is to buy your wool from second hand stores. Quite often, brand new wool is cheap or on special.

Tip - If you have made these granny blankets, then remember to save some extra wool of each color where possible.  There is nothing worse than having one part coming undone and you do not have any wool of the same color.  So throw them in a plastic bag when you give your gift or donation.

Children and adults love crochet tops.

Crochet crafts - Baby BootiesCredit: TPhotos


All children love to cuddle beautiful crochet animal toys.  Any charity would appreciate donations of toys.

Learning to Crochet

If no one has shown you how to crochet there are many books and videos available for the beginner to learn how to crochet. 

Books: Learning how to crochet for the beginner
Many books available on the internet or stores will guide you through the steps to learning this wonderful craft. Within a few days or weeks, you will make simple and more professional garments than you thought.


If you have never knitted then learn how to enjoy this craft. Like with the crochet you can make a variety of garments for children.

Here are a few ideas: Jumpers, baby clothes, dolls outfits, hats, scarves even dresses if you live in the colder climates. You can make them from the same pattern and use a variety of threads and colors so they look different.

Knit and Crochet Doll clothes

Children all over the world love to dress up their dolls. Have you thought about the pleasure you could give to children that have nothing. This could brighten their world, so why not make little dresses and clothes in your spare time and donate them for charity.  So forget reading those fiction books and put your time to better use. Then again, if you can write, why not start writing children’s books.

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Men can do things for charity

Okay, so you guys have retired, that does not mean you have to sit and procrastinate for the rest of your life. You too, can make kids all over the world a little happier. I remember as a child how male friends of ours would sit for hours whittling toys from wood.  They made cars, planes, and many other toys for the children, from tree branches. 

Other men made little doll houses, kids tables and chairs and wooden toys. Can you imagine a child somewhere in your country receiving a gift that you had made with your own hands.  Many plans and patterns can be found on the internet with step by step instructions.

Why not give it a go

A tribute to someone so young, with wise words

Wise WordsCredit: TPhotos


Not the crafty type

If you are not crafty there is still other ways of donating items to the needy. 


If you can cook then next time you bake, why not do a double batch and give them to a shelter.

Volunteer your time

If you have a little time to spare the shelters and op shop always need volunteers to help sort the goodies.  Your help would be much appreciated.

Friends of the Hospital

Hospitals have many patients that never receive visitors.  Why not spare an hour or two and visit, or take library books around to the patients.

Walking and caring for dogs

People needing medical treatment or confined to hospital often need someone to look after their dogs. Or watering the garden while confined.

If you can think of any other ways people can help out our needy folk, then please add these in the comments section below.

Comfort Quilts for Cancer

We have so many people all over the world suffering with Cancer.  In many cases if this has not affected you directly then you know of someone that has.  In Australia we have volunteers that either knit or crochet beanies or scarves.  

Crafts Sewing Pieces togetherCredit: T.Photos

Others spend hours either sewing squares of material together, then others put those into one piece then add a filler and backing to make comfort quilts.  There are hundreds of volunteers doing this.  I had not heard of it until introduced to it by a friend.


Crafts  BeaniesCredit: T Photos

I started knitting and crocheting beanies.  Although I have to admit that I got bored doing the same things over and over.  Then I volunteered to sewing bits of material together, now I am hooked and love this so much that I am trying my hand at actually doing a whole one.  I have not gained enough confidence to make the complete quilt myself as yet though.


Crafts Comfort Quilt topCredit: T Photos

Every person suffering from cancer is sent a beanie, scarf and a comfort quilt.  You have no idea of the lift in moral that this gives to the person receiving these wonderful gifts.  If you know of someone in need then contact one of the volunteers and they will try to send your loved one a gift like this. I know this is done in Australia, if your country does not do it, then encourage people to do it for your country folk.

If you have spare time on your hands and can either knit or sew then why not offer your time to help these tireless volunteers to help many people suffering from this horrible disease.