Donating Books - Helping Out Those in Need

Over the course of your college career you're likely to accumulate a LOT of books. If you're taking 4-5 courses a semester and each of those courses requires at least 4-5 books, than by the end of 8 solid semesters you're looking at a large stack of paper to deal with. Some people choose to keep all of their college textbooks, but most people prefer to find some way to put those books to better use. While you can always sell your books back for a little bit of spare cash, there is a more socially responsible method of disposing of your unwanted texts- you can donate them in one of the following ways:

Give them to other students: If you know someone who will be taking a class you just completed you can always donate your books to them. There might be some changes in the syllabus from semester to semester, but giving your old books to someone who explicitly needs them is a great way to save them a ton of money and do your good deed for the day.

Donate them to a library: One of the coolest things you can do with your old text books is donate them to a library. Some school's libraries will accept book donations and pretty much every public library accepts books that are in good condition. Speak with a librarian to make sure you follow the submission process properly and you should have no trouble at all making your books available to anyone who wants or needs them.

Trade your books: You can always trade books with other students but recently a few websites have cropped up that let you trade with other people around the whole country. A good example of this book-swapping service are the websites BookMooch or PaperBackSwap. Every time you send your book to someone who wants or needs it you get a credit to receive a new book yourself.

"Free Books" Box: Sure it's not the most precise way to make sure your books end up in the hands of someone who really wants or needs them but you can always just put your books in a cardboard box that you leave out somewhere public with a sign saying "free books!" If you're just going to throw your books away than you might as well give passers-by the chance to see if something catches their eye.

Donating books might be the most socially responsible method of distributing your old texts but there's nothing wrong with selling them to a worthwhile service. For example lots of people choose to sell their old textbooks to websites that either sell old textbooks to new students at a very reasonable price or which rent out textbooks for students who would rather not buy a new set of course books each semester. Overall the worst thing you could ever do with a book is throw it in the trash without giving it a chance to benefit someone else as much as it benefitted you.