Donate To Charity
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If you are wondering how to donate to charity, there are several ways of going about this. You can read a few online articles on national and local charities’ websites, and there are also online videos which teach you how to do this. Children can learn the importance of giving back to the community just by watching their parents’ service to others and they will develop these same habits as they become adults.  Regardless of what your household budget may be; there are numerous ways you can help charities.

Only Donate Quality Items

 Just because you are donating free items to charity doesn’t mean that you have to give the people low-quality items. Before you donate products to charity, you should look through the items and make sure that there are no defects or tough stains on them. If certain pieces of clothing have a lot of missing items, don’t include them. Or if the CD player you are donating has a broken antenna, leave it at home. The recipients need items they can use.

Find Out What Charities Need

 You may have tons of canned vegetables, but before you drop them off at a charity, you want to find out what the charity needs if you are going to learn how to donate to charity. Call the different charities in your area and write down lists of things each charity is currently seeking. After you do this, you should go through all the items you don’t need and place them in labeled cardboard boxes so you will know which charity it is going to.

Visit Places You Don’t Usually Donate Items To

 If you always donate items to various local charities, switch things up and look for other places to donate the items. For example, if you live a few blocks away from a hospice and battered women’s shelter, take some food and toiletries to those places. Or if your friend just started an after-school program for at-risk boys in the neighborhood, you can donate your time by helping the boys with homework and giving them spiritual and emotional guidance. Another idea is to donate your time at a daycare center or nursing home.

Research Before You Give Money

Here is how to donate to charity when money is involved. You want to research different charities to find out if there are accountability standards that exist, and you want to know where the money goes to. This is important in the light of recent scandals which pertain to nonprofit organizations’ mishandling of funds or outright stealing of them for their own purposes. Visit Better Business Bureau’s website and other consumer websites to get an idea of the charity you want to send money to.

Get to Know The Charity’s Recipients

Another thing you should do is meet with the beneficiaries of the charity so you can see where your time and money go. For example, if you want to donate time and money to a charity or donating money and toys to a local children’s hospital, ask to meet with some of the children and let them share their stories with you. This gives you an idea of how you are making a difference in the kids’ lives.

Raise Funds If You Currently Don’t Have Any

 If you are interested in donating funds and items to a charity but you don’t have them, you can hold a community fundraiser where you sell food and drinks for cash, and the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the charity. This is how to donate to charityin a way that gets the whole community involved. If you are able to, have some local musicians come to the fundraiser and ask guests to bring certain items for you to give to the charity.  Don’t forget to involve the kids of the community in this venture.  Kids will get a kick out of  knowing those old toys and clothes that they can no longer use will help another child somewhere to enjoy what they have put aside for newer toys and clothing.  This teaches them to appreciate what they are given.

Utilize Friends and Relatives

 Maybe you don’t want to hold a large fundraiser, but you still want to donate to different charities. One way to do this is to ask your friends and relatives for items they no longer need. Look through the items carefully to ensure that they’re of good quality.  You may be surprised at how many things they are willing to part with in the name of helping others get on their feet or just have a better quality of life.  By asking this group of people; you can all share in the feel good moments of assisting others.


 There are many ways of making your impact felt in the society. Making a dinner for a person who is sick or volunteering at a hospital is a way of helping others without spending too much. When you find out how to donate to charity, you will experience a sense of gratification because you now have the information you need to give back to the less fortunate in your community. When you donate to charities, make sure your motive is to help others rebuild their lives and to show genuine love and concern for them.