Donating Your Car - Is Donating your Car to Charity a Good Idea?

So you are driving along and you see the signs or the billboards talking about donating your car to charity. You may have wondered about this. Is it a good idea to donate your car to a charity? Well, if you only have one vehicle and you desperately need it to get you to work, then it probably is not a good idea to give it away, no matter how helpful you want to be. Being charitable is a wonderful thing to be but you will not be able to do much more after donating your only car and then losing your job because you can’t get there, after all. But wait, maybe you have an alternate way of getting from A to B. If you have a bus route or enough money to pay for a cab each time you need to go out, maybe it is not such a bad idea after all.

On top of donating your car to the charity of your choice, you will also make yourself more environmentally friendly. The way poor mother earth is being treated these days, that would be a very good thing indeed. Even if you have more than one vehicle it will help with the environment, but if you manage to live successfully without the need of a vehicle then you will be cutting down on dangerous emissions and making the world a better place for all of us. If public transportation is not for you, there are other ways. Carpooling is always a popular choice. Talk with your coworkers and maybe you can work something out with them to get more of you to work while only using one vehicle. Of course if you are not far from your place of work and you are not afraid of a little exercise, then you could always bike to work.

On top of making the environment better for everyone, you will also be making yourself a much healthier person. It is no secret that these days exercising is very important considering what a fast food world we live in today. If you have trouble getting yourself to commit to an exercising regime then being without a car and your only way of transportation is a man powered bicycle then you will be forcing yourself to work out from time to time.

We have to face facts, however, that these days one can have a very hard time to survive without having at least one vehicle to call your own. You must remember that there more places you will need to get to other than your place of work. Do you have a way to get your groceries? Maybe you live somewhere where your local shop is just a few blocks away. In that case you may not have much to worry about but most people do not live that close to all the places you may need.

It is very kind to be charitable, but you do not want to put yourself out no matter how much you want to help. But say you do have more than one vehicle. All you have to do now is access if you really need two cars after all. Most people who have more than one vehicle are people with families. You may think that you genuinely need both or all of your cars. If you and your partner both have jobs, you may have a hard time getting by with just one vehicle. Still it is always smart to find a way to compromise with your loved ones to see if you could possibly donate one of your vehicles to charity.

Perhaps you are not in either of the situations described above. Maybe you have a junk car back home that either no longer runs or has a lot of trouble. This may be a great way to get rid of it while having someone benefit from it. Maybe you have an old car sitting in your driveway, in your garage, or even on your lawn that is doing nothing but turning to rust. Those can be donated as well and why not since it is not doing you any good but taking up precious space that you could have new uses for.

Perhaps you think it will be too much of a hassle donating your old junker vehicle to a charity of your choice. Fear not, it is easier than you may believe. Most charities will offer some sort of pick up program. More likely than not it will be free and they will tow your car where it needs to go. Most charity companies will be more than happy to help you donate your car to the charity. Some places will not even require you to be present when they are coming to acquire your old vehicle. Most donation processes are easy and free and on top of all of that, you may also be able to make a tax deduction.

If you do not have an old car, do not worry, you may have another way to donate to a charity. Maybe in your younger days you enjoyed riding your motorcycle up and down the highways and byways, but now that motorcycle is looking just a tad bit too dangerous. Or maybe it just is not a convenient vehicle any more. Maybe you have a family now and you can’t very well pack the kids on the old motorcycle. Or maybe you just need something bigger to accommodate your needs. Most charities will also accept your old motorcycle as well.

Maybe you have an old boat sitting in the garage that you no longer take out. Perhaps you just do not have the time to go fishing like you used to or maybe you just lost interest. Well it turns out that most charities will also take your old boat as well! Even old RVs and ATVs are accepted at certain charities so the possibilities are almost endless.

You will also save yourself time by donating your vehicle instead of trying to sell it. Not a lot of people buy cars or trucks that are sitting by the road side. There is more to do than just accepting cash and handing over the keys these days. Donating your car is much faster and easier. You will not have to wait by the phone or keep checking your email for a response to any ad you may have taken out to get rid of your old vehicle. You will not have to worry about a myriad of jokers who are just wasting your time of trying to pull one over on you. Instead you will be dealing with friendly professional people who will be overjoyed that you are doing something for others by donating your vehicle to charity.

One of the greatest things about donating your vehicle to charity is how you will feel afterwards. There is no other feeling like doing something charitable for others and donating a vehicle can be a very big deal. It is not a bad thing to feel good about yourself after doing something so charitable for others after all.