Donate Unused Items To Charity and Help Others In Need

Whether you are cleaning out clutter or just taking extra steps to organize, your junk is someone else's treasure.  Here are some great ideas of places you can donate your clutter to in order to help others in need.

Donate Your Mother's Old Costume Jewelry (Or Your Own)

You can help someone get a job by looking more professional in your old costume jewelry.  Visit, which is a charity that helps women with used professional clothing and accessories for interview.  While you are there, if you have professional clothing that no longer fit, you can ask about donating those.


Donate Your Wedding Dress and/or Bridesmaid's Dress

Donate your wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer.  They will sell your wedding dress to a new bride and the proceeds goes to granting wishes for terminal cancer patients. Brides Against Breast Cancer program is like the "make a wish" program for adults.  You can go to or call 503-491-8091 for more details.


Donate Your Old Halloween Costumes

Donate old Halloween costumes to another child.  There are a few places you can donate to:

  • South Florida: (904-392-5522)
  • Philadelphia: (610-639-9460)
  • You can also try a woman's shelter, children's hospital or a children's home if those places are closer to you.

Donate Your Old Christmas Cards Or Greeting Cards will turn your old Christmas, Valentine, birthday cards and other greeting cards into new cards.  They then sell the new cards and the proceeds go to abused and neglected children.  They accept all cards except for Disney, American Greetings and Hallmark cards.


Donate Your Kid's Old Stuffed Animals

Contact and they will accept your gently used stuffed toy, blankets, books and other toys to homeless shelters that help kids in crisis.  Items are donated as given and never sold.


Donate Your Child's Communion Dress will give you a $5 gift certificate for your child's communion dress and donate it to another needy child who cannot afford one.  You can also contact for someone near you that will use your child's communion dress to help others.


Donate Your Baby Stuff

If you remember what you had to go through when you had your baby, you can help ease the stress single moms who are struggling financially.  You can donated your used maternity and baby items to the following places:

  • New York Area: (212-736-1777) or (212-620-7800)
  • Los Angeles: (323-933-2229)
  • Boston: (617-779-4700) (617-859-4545)
  • (215-836-0958)
  • If none of these charities are near you, you can still donate by logging onto to place an ad and give your clutter away to someone who really needs it.

Donate Old or Used Furniture

If you have old furniture or if you are moving and need to give aways your furniture, you can easily donate it. You can help need families furnish their home by donating furniture to Your donation is tax deductible as with most donations, then arrange to pick up your furniture and then match it to families in need.


Donations For Charity Are Simple and They Make Sense

This list just gives you an idea of things you can donate to different charities to benefit others.  From now on, look at everything you don't need or want to throw away as a possible donation for charity and never think about throwing anything away again. Someone, somewhere can make use of it.


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