If you love to create, and recycle as well, then you are going to love this Donna Dewberry Painting Book. It is called Decorative Furniture.

 Tips and Tricks

With her tips and tricks, you can turn most plain furniture into stunning pieces for your home. I actually got started painting furniture based on this Book. I thought it was a brilliant idea. A great way to recycle tired and old looking furniture.

As long as the furniture is in good repair, or you could make it in good repair, then the rest is a blank canvas.

These Books, all have great step by step instructions and her easy to follow diagrams, will inspire even a beginner painter, into trying their hand at painting furniture.


This is an Awesome Book

Decorative Furniture with Donna Dewberry
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 Any Furniture

From personal experience, I can tell you, that it is nice to have plain wood or unfinished furniture to try your hand at painting, but some of the best pieces I painted, were old pieces of furniture from the reuse center and the local dump! As long as you clean them well, and paint them with a good high adhesion primer before you start your project, you don't need to strip any varnish or paint. Add some new hardware, and you will have an original piece of useable art! I personally was able to sell these pieces at an art market a few years ago.

I got a real kick out of knowing just a week before, these pieces were sitting around collecting dust in a reuse center, and now they were selling as original useable art pieces! Donna Dewberry is a great inspiration to take the next step in your arts and crafts hobby or business.

You can try her designs on cabinets, chairs, bread boxes, anything that is wood works well. An old bread box actually made a great piece to paint on for me. You can turn an old set of dresser drawers into something colorful for a kids room, or give it a subtle look of faux marble. Many older pieces of furniture are solid but ugly, so you need to make them useable and beautiful again.

Donna Dewberry's One Stroke Painting Course
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These books, especially this Decorative Furniture book, will give you the knowledge and tips to get started. Her one stroke painting method is easy and she shows you how in this book. This one stroke painting method makes your paintings look like you spent hours or days on them, when you didn't. You can finish your project quickly and be able to stand back and be proud.

Donna Dewberry Painting Books, especially the Decorative Furniture book, is one you definitely should add to your library of arts and crafts books. You may just find this book inspires your own style, and gives you ideas for pieces of old furniture that have worked their way to the back of the garage.

So, give some furniture a breath of fresh air and a new lease on life. This is recycling in a great way!. You can purchase new hardware to really update the look. There are so many great paint products on the market now, the days of stripping varnish (unless you want that bare wood look) are gone. With Donna Dewberry as your teacher, you are going to make a statement with your one of a kind furniture.

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