If you love to paint, and want to take your talents to the walls of your house or larger objects such as furniture, then you can't go wrong with Donna Dewberry Painting Books, especially the Decorative Murals.

These books, are full of step by step instructions, and all her books are full of beautiful pictures with every step, to get the result you are looking for. She has a one stroke painting step, that gives any painting a very detailed look.


This is an Awesome Book for Painting Murals

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With beautiful shading tricks and lots of ideas to make your paintings "pop" off the wall or furniture.

This particular book,  Decorative Murals, is one of my favorite of all the books. She shows you how to take a "not so nice wall" and turn it into a great work of art. On the front cover she shows a painted mural on the underside of an otherwise plain staircase. Beautiful images around fireplaces to add some zip to your decor.

She also lets you know how she felt when she first started painting on the wall, with her mural art business, and when and where she got started.

There are so many great painting designs and ideas, she will also show you the tricks in this Decorative Murals book on how to create the look of marble, and other antique finishes.

There are great step by step painting tips for European scenes, garden scenes, and more. Great ideas for walls in kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and more. You can turn that boring foyer into something awesome with these instruction books, but especially this Decorative Murals.

So, if you can only afford one book, I would definitely go for this one, on Decorative Murals.

I have picked up many tips from this book, and besides painting on the walls, I love to paint on old furniture and bring it back to life. She has some great tips and tricks to get these paintings done quickly, yet they look like you spent weeks on them.

There is one project in this book, that really looks good and inspired me. It was the bathroom vanity, it was plain white and pretty worn, but still in good shape. With the right paints and the faux marble tips she shows you, she was able to turn this tired old vanity into something that looked rich with her simple one stroke painting and faux marble techniques.

The bathroom looked fantastic when it was done. You no longer needed to replace the vanity to update this bathroom, her painting ideas did the trick.

If you love to paint, and have thought about venturing onto walls and furniture with mural painting, then I would definitely invest in a Donna Dewberry painting book, especially the Decorative Murals. It is a good read and you will pick up some great tips whether you are new at this or have been painting for a long time.

Check out her book, and now you can do something with that not so nice wall, or that older dated vanity for starters.