This year the entertainment industry lost a great performer, Miss Donna Summer. Donna Summer was a musical icon that achieved a lifetime of wonderful adulation and success and was struck down by cancer before her time.  Ten months after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Donna left this world peacefully from the comfort of her home.

Although Donna is remembered for her first musical sensations in 1970s, she was a performer with a voice that was memorable to an enormous base of fans since her introduction on the music scene all those years ago.

Donna was born to a family of musicians and introduced to singing at a young age. With origins in Boston, she learned to love music singing in her local gospel choirs. When her voice was recognized as something special she moved from Boston to New York and Broadway to make her professional career as a vocal performer.

After reaching New York, instead of making her claim to fame on Broadway, she was offered a part in the musical Hair being performed in Germany. She accepted and moved to Europe where she was a success and met and married her husband Helmut Sommer. Donna not only became a hit in Germany, but recorded her first song and was a success in three different countries overseas.

Having made her career in Europe, Donna returned to America in 1975 where she found her first American hit recording. The song Love to Love You was ideal for the Disco atmosphere sweeping the country at this time and Donna was on the road to stardom.

Disco was ideal for Donna Summer’s voice and style and the 1970s is where she shined. However, the 1970s and Disco faded. During the 1980s Donna Summer recognized a change was due and cut several records that hit the pop charts during this decade. Though, she never knew the notoriety or the triumph she saw with the Disco scene. Her song She Works Hard for the Money was wonderful and a sensation in 1983.

There have been several comeback hits for Donna since the 1970s phenomenon. She made a comeback in 2008 with the album Crayons. After having this victory she was recognized as the first female artist to have number one hit recordings in four consecutive decades.

There are some surprising facts about Donna that many fans don’t know. As well as a talent to sing she was also an extraordinary painter that sold over one million dollars of her own work. She was also the only fill in for Dick Clark on the show American Bandstand. Donna Summer married and her last name was actually Sommer. However, it was a misprint and she kept the Summer instead of correcting it to Sommer.

She has been recognized as a performer that crossed to stardom with her music on the R&B charts, Dance charts as well as Pop. Her voice is also described as sexy and sultry and the music world will surely be a little quieter without that beautiful voice.