Donny Osmond Endorses Protandim

In a recent interview on the Dr. Phil show, Donny Osmond openly and energetically endorsed the product Protandim. He made reference to this dietary supplement and the positive results he has had because of his experience over the past few years.

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Donny Osmond’s Approach on Health and Fitness

It is no secret that Donny Osmond has made health and fitness a key factor in his personal life. Being a performer for the past five decades, he has been required to maintain a grueling schedule. It is because of his career that he has diligently maintained his physical health.

He has made reference to the fact that he wants to be able to provide the best entertainment possible to his audience each and every show. This requires him to be in optimal physical health. Donny gives credit to Protandim for doing just that. He references the notable difference it has made in his own life since he started taking it.

Donny Osmond and Protandim

Donny was first introduced to Protandim in 2009. He then sought the advice of his medical doctor before he committed to taking this product. His doctor was extremely skeptical at first but then after the doctor ran his own series of tests he actually became an advocate of Protandim. He then recommended that Donny implement this amazing product into his daily regimen immediately.

Since he started taking Protandim over 2 years ago, he has felt convicted to share the benefits of this product and how incredible it has made him feel over the time period he has taken it. Since then, He has taken his endorsement a step further and has become the spokesperson for this product. Donny also explains that this is something that he does not take lightly.

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Donny Osmond Fully Endorses Protandim

On September 20, 2011 LifeVantage Corporation, who created Protandim, announced to the public that Donny Osmond would become the spokesperson for their product. In a PR Newswire report Donny was reported as saying:

"I take Protandim daily. I'm often asked to endorse products, but Protandim is the rare product I've chosen to share with others because I’ve experienced many health benefits and anti-aging results which I attribute to Protandim.”

Donny gives credit to this dietary supplement for the way he feels and his youthful appearance. He goes on to say: 

"I believe Protandim is one of the reasons I look and feel as young as I do, so I'm eager to share the message about it with others."

About Protandim

Protandim is a dietary supplement that provides a variety of benefits that will help you look and feel younger, just as it has done for Donny Osmond. It is very different than any other dietary supplement on the market today, as it works with your body to upregulate a number of “survival” enyzmes. It has been proven to reduce oxidative stress up to 70%, making those who take it consistently look and feel years younger.

Discover what Protandim can do for you and start feeling younger and healthier today.