One of the most universal reasons people fail is because they are lazy. If you want to earn many of money on InfoBarrel then you cannot be lazy. In order to be successful on InfoBarrel you need a lot of articles written and published here. Some people find success down the road by outsourcing articles and similar methods, but for now we will assume that you are going to be writing all of your own content. Here are some tips on how to make some good money with InfoBarrel.

Write a Lot

It is vital you do write a lot of articles for InfoBarrel. If you want to earn money off of InfoBarrel then you will have higher checks with more earnings as the number of articles in your portfolio grows. If you have 100 articles you will generally make more money than someone who only has 10 articles. Keyword research may be desirable for some people. Whether you are using keyword research or not I am still pushing quantity. You need to have many of content written and published. If you have 10,000 articles published on the InfoBarrel website then you will earn a lot of money. If you have only 10 articles written than you will not be retiring anytime soon. Regardless of what you write about you need to write a lot. If you aren't constantly writing and adding new articles to InfoBarrel then you won't  successful.

Enjoy It

If you do not enjoy writing for InfoBarrel then you will not be successful. If you plan on earning a lot of money then you need to enjoy the process of writing articles. This is not to say that you must always enjoy writing because there will be numerous times you may not feel like writing and it is important that you keep pushing though these times and continue writing so that you can continue to have success. If you are not being successful with writing then you will not be earning any money. If you do not like writing then take a look at other methods of making money online.

Sometimes if you base your article son profitable keywords you may find times you force yourself to write articles that you may not enjoy writing; however, if you do use these valuable keywords in articles and do it consistently you will find over the next few months you earnings going higher and higher.



We are in a world where each article should have at least 1 great looking image. If you aren't pinning your images to Pinterest and sharing them on Tumblr then you are losing out on traffic.


No matter what happens there will never be agreement within the Internet marketing community about the proper way to do things. Some people think you need to have a specific keyword density and others think that it does not matter as long as you write great articles. Regardless of what you believe you are probably wrong and even if you are not wrong then Google will do another major change to its algorithm and prove that you are wrong anyways regardless of how you go about your SEO. No matter what you do the basics will remain the same such as writing good content and doing it in quantity but for the most part you can expect to be successful if you follow the basic rules and are not being lazy. Even if you are bringing in a million dollars a month in earnings off of InfoBarrel there will still be people who tell you that you are doing things wrong. Shut the naysayers out of your mind and focus on doing what needs to be done. You do however want to follow at least one person as a mentor so you can learn the proper way of doing things but you will learn a lot as your career with InfoBarrel progresses.