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When you are at an interview there are 5 things you should never do in that interview. Often we don’t get the job not based upon our skills but how we handle ourselves at an interview. Here are five things to avoid at any job interview that will help you land that dream job you seek.

Job Interview Mistake One - You Don't Dress Properly

One mistake you might make at a job interview is actually in what you are wearing. Make sure you wear your best clothes to your appointment. If you’re a man and have a beard, make sure this is trimmed neatly and if the job requires you to shave it off then make sure you are shaved before you go . Women should wear “business clothes” to an interview and while a skirt is fine, it should be a reasonable length and you should never show any cleavage at all. If you don’t have any decent clothes then go out and buy some. Your appearance at any interview is critical so don’t overlook it. Never go in street clothes, even if you’re young.

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Job Interview Mistake Two - You Fidget

It’s understandable to be nervous when someone is asking you questions. One thing you must not do is fidget when you’re with the employer. This means you can’t look around the office, or out the window. Make sure you aren’t chewing gum and don’t play with your hair during the meeting. You want to the employer and show your interest in the employer and the job they are explaining to you. Keep your hands in your lap and clasp them together so you don’t fidget. Try not to move around too much in the chair or slouch. Don’t give the person doing the interview any indication that you DON’T want to be there. If you do this the job is probably lost to you.

Mistake Number Three- You Can't Answer Questions

Saying “I don’t know” or “um” in an interview is not the right answer. You NEED to provide answers to all the questions asked of you no matter how hard they are to answer. Never give vague answers to questions. Be sure you answer everything to the best of your ability. The questions asked of you are going to be difficult so ensure you’re prepared.  Even if you think you can’t answer just give the best one you can, this shows the employer at least you’re trying and they will understand if you can’t answer completely. Giving no answer isn’t going to work.

Mistake Number Four You Ask Questions You Shouldn't

In the interview there are certain questions you can’t ask such as how much you are going to be paid. Don’t ask about benefits or vacation time or anything not related to the interview as you’re not even hired yet. Don’t ask the employer if you got the job after the interview is over. Don’t discuss hours you’ll work or if there’s any overtime. These are questions that will be answer AFTER you have the job not before. If you do this you won’t get hired because you are assuming that you will be hired when that’s then employer’s job to determine not yours.

Mistake Five You Didn't Prepare

If you didn’t prepare for the interview it will show. Make sure you spend time before the interview rehearsing what you’re going to say and find out all you can about the employer before you go to your appointment. If you can show genuine interest in the job this is going to pay off for you and you may just land the job. If you prepare, you’ll be farther ahead than many other candidates.

Get the Job

By following these tips you'll increase your chances of getting the job. Make sure you elimate mistakes in the interview and if you make them, learn from the mistake so it doesn't happen again. Now go out and get that job.