There are certain things that you do not want to do at a casino in Las Vegas when you are drinking alcohol. The specific rules and the enforcement of the rules vary by casino. The rule enforcement standards may even vary among the different shifts at the same casino. If you drink in moderation at a Casino you are generally going to be fine, however once you start getting buzzed and feeling good you will usually gamble more than you intended to and lose more money then you planned on. Take it easy with the alcohol at Casinos, and when you are losing don't increase your bets simply to try and recoup your losses as you will usually just lose even more money,maybe even your kids food money.

Use Certain Cuss Words
This rule applies whether you are drinking or not. Although you are in an adult environment where hookers may present, you still are not allowed to use certain words.

Certain cuss words are allowed and very common, while others are strictly forbidden. If you use one of the forbidden vulgar words, then you will likely be warned nicely or politely asked not to use that word again. I am not allowed to make a list of the cuss words that are allowed and are not allowed here, however common sense will often dictate your language. If you use a vulgar word and get a strikeout stare from the blackjack dealer or the slot tech, then you know that you may have crossed the line and that is a friendly warning. Cussing rules and enforcement vary from each casino, and is often enforced more strictly on the weekends when the casinos are busier.

Another thing that can fall into the cussing rule is racial slurs. Las Vegas is a hotspot for people of all ethnicity backgrounds, and there is no need to be yelling racial slurs, even if they are not intended to be derogatory. If a Las Vegas gang member hears you yelling out a racial slur he may give you a good butt whopping or even shoot and kill you.

Have some manners and watch your mouth.

Take Pictures
Taking pictures inside a casino is strictly forbidden, unless you have written authorization from the casino management and the OK go ahead from security. A regular everyday "Joe Gambler" person visiting a casino is not allowed to take pictures. If you get caught taking pictures inside a casino you will likely be asked to stop. If you continue they will escort you off the property and ban you.

When people are drinking at a Las Vegas casino they often forget this rule and begin to snap pictures with their cell phone. When you get caught politely put your phone away. The problem occurs when people are drunk and start arguing with security about their constitutional rights. If you do this you will possible get arrested, and at the very least escorted off of the property.

If you truly desire a picture of the inside of the casino then head over to the gift shop and buy a postcard.

Sexually Harass
The busty cocktail waitress may be showing off her sexy cleavage, but that is not an open invitation to treat her like a Las Vegas hooker. You can flirt with the cocktail waitress and other casino patrons in many situations, but sexually harassing the workers and casino patrons in never allowed. If you get drunk and squeeze the cocktail waitresses butt then you may get slapped, escorted off the property, or even arrested.

Threaten Casino Staff
When casino guests are drunk and do something against the rules security, the pit boss, or other casino worker will generally ask you politely not to do it again. If you get belligerent and start berating people and then threaten to beat up security if they touch you, well then you will either get tackled and escorted off of the property or arrested.


People know that it is illegal to cheat in a casino, but sometimes when someone is drunk they get a false sense of bravado and feel that they can get away with cheating the casino. You will almost certainly get caught, because you are drunk and not able to make coherent situations. Depending on how you cheat the casino, you may get banned from the casino, arrested, and possible even have to serve prison time if your crime is severe enough to warrant the punishment.

Get Too Drunk
Casinos encourage people to drink alcohol. Casinos give you free beer and alcohol to encourage you to lower your inhibitions, which will usually cause you to lose more money gambling at their casino. The problem occurs when you get to drunk. If you are playing Blackjack and are beyond drunk and having trouble talking and even sitting, then security will come and escort you away from the gaming.

If you are too intoxicated where you are not even sure what is going on, then the casino can be held liable. The casino is legally obligated to remove you from gaming if you are too intoxicated and about to pass out. This is a good thing though, because if you cannot see straight then there is no way you can gamble and hope to win any money.

If you vomit on the floor you make everybody disgusted. If you cannot hold you alcohol then you have drank too much. Binge drinking has no place on a casino floor, even if you are in a college fraternity.

When you vomit on the floor, or even worse the Blackjack table or Poker Table, then you have caused a lot of grief on people. The janitor has to clean it up, the other guest begin to feel sick, and it ruins the good mood people are having. If you drink until you get nauseated and puke while gambling in a Las Vegas casino, then you are stupid and need to learn more manners.